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by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 6 days ago | News

Image: from left to right: Grace wears the Levi's Water<Less 721 Vintage High Skinny Jeans in Courage Blue; Ara wears the Levi's Water<Less Wedgie Jeans in Deedee; Joanna wears the Denimsmith Ryder Jean in Dark Indigo; and Lilian wears the Denimsmith Aubrey Jean in Black

We at Well Made Clothes live in jeans, especially in winter, which means that, when we buy them, we like to know they’re made to the highest quality so they’ll last a long time (wearing one pair of pants every day takes its toll), and that their production processes meet some of the values we care about.

Which is why we’re pleased as punch to present our denim selection for winter 2017. We have three core labels this season: Nobody Denim, Denimsmith, and Levi’s Water<Less. Without further ado then, let us explain why these labels have good values and are good value, too!

Nobody Denim

The story of Nobody Denim begins in the backstreets of Melbourne in 1999, where it continues to this day (except for the fact that those backstreets have now become an incredibly hip part of Melbourne because of course). Nobody sources its premium denim from mills in Japan and every single pair is then cut, made, and distressed in Melbourne. Nobody Denim is Ethical Clothing Australia-accredited, which means its customers can be confident that everyone who makes its jeans receives fair wages and safe working conditions, and works closely with the Textile, Clothing and Footwear Union of Australia (TCFUA) to maintain these standards.

Nobody Denim has three core rise heights: the geo (mid-rise), the cult (high-rise), and the siren (super-high rise), and a variety of classic styles (we’re obsessed with the Cult Skinny in Powerblk) and new season styles (try the Charlotte Ankle in Redone for this season). You can check out the label’s full collection here.

Gina wears the Nobody Denim Cult Skinny Jeans in Powerblk

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Denimsmith is another wonderful Melbourne-based denim company. The label is designed and made in Brunswick East, which is also the source of inspiration for the label’s designers. From Denimsmith’s website: 'Denimsmith is a passionate dedication to the history and hard-work of Brunswick East: its communities of adventurous migrants, of dedicated factory workers, of small businesses and great Australian dreams. Direct from our creatives’ hands to our community, Denimsmith take the notion of locally-made to another level.' When Denimsmith says taking ‘the notion of locally-made to another level', it means it, too: Denimsmith makes all of its jeans in an Ethical Clothing Australia-accredited facility!

Denimmsith has two core styles: The Alana, which is the label’s high-waisted, super skinny jean, and The Ryder, which is the label’s high-waisted, slim leg (almost straight) jean. Both these styles come in a lot of different washes and in a regular leg or a cropped leg, too! Denimsmith make seasonal styles on top of these, and right now we’re digging the Aubrey Jean: a high waisted, cropped, wide-leg style.

Joanna wears the Denimsmith Ryder Jean in Dark Indigo.

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Levi’s Water<Less Denim

On average a pair of jeans is said to use about 42 litres of water, which is a major waste issue that Levi’s sought to address back in 2010. The brand’s Water<Less collection first became available in early 2011 and has been drastically conserving water ever since — using on average 28% less water according to Levi’s. “What’s different about the Water<Less collection is that we’re still using the same materials and techniques to create finishes for our jeans but we’ve substantially reduced water’s role in the equation,” explains Carl Chiara, director of brand concepts at Levi’s. “Sometimes, the way to achieve a more sustainable design is to rethink a traditional process and find a way to do it better.”

We are pretty damn excited, then, to introduce Levi’s Water<Less jeans to Well Made Clothes. Not only do they look and feel great on, but this denim is also much better for the natural environment around us as well. “We've already made more than 13 million Water<Less™ products and saved over 172 million litres of water,” the company explains. “That's just the beginning as we're committed to making more Water<Less™ products so that we can use less and give more.”

In addition to making better jeans though, Levi’s is all about sharing the love as well. “Importantly, when we unlock proprietary data about water or waste, the best thing we can do with that is share it with everybody,” says Paul Dillinger, head of global product innovation at Levi Strauss & Co. This is a statement that speaks to the progressive way that Levi’s has open-sourced its water saving process. And as one of the world’s biggest and most well known denim companies, this kind of step forward has the power to create radical change right throughout the industry. “We’re choosing not to participate in the fashion cycle,” Dillinger asserts. “Instead, we’re choosing to cultivate long-term relationships with the consumer and deliver against their needs. And hopefully that participates in the recalibration of consumption broadly.”

We currently have two Levi’s Water<Less styles (if your size isn’t available in these, please email to go on the waitlist, because we are receiving more stock), and will be receiving a load more throughout the season, so stay tuned!

Grace wears the Levi's Water<Less 721 Vintage High Skinny Jeans in Courage Blue.

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