About Us

We sell clothing that looks good and is good.

Like you, we want our clothing to look good, feel good, and be good, to people and to the environment. Well­-made clothing looks better, feels better, and wears better. It also treats the people and the environment of this planet better. The fashion industry is so complex, and it affects people and the environment at every level. This impact is often negative, due to the fact that too much poorly made clothing is being produced, too much poorly ­made clothing is being bought, and too much poorly made clothing is being thrown away. However, the impact of the fashion industry can be positive too. The production of well­ made clothing minimises harm, empowers individuals and sustains communities.

Which is where Well Made Clothes comes in.

Well Made Clothes is what’s known, in tech jargon, as a 'marketplace': we unite the world’s best ethical fashion labels under one roof, so when you buy something from an ethical fashion label on Well Made Clothes, you’re actually buying it directly from said ethical fashion label. We’re the friendly, good­looking middlewomen, who are here to provide you with information about the fashion industry, and information about the ethical fashion labels we sell, so you have everything you need to go forth as an informed shopper. The heart of Well Made Clothes is our Well Made Clothes Values. For an ethical fashion label to be stocked on the site it must meet the requirements for one of these values: local; handcrafted; transparent; gender equality; fair; vegan; minimal waste; and sustainable. There you have the long of who we are and what we do. The short is still that we sell clothing that looks good and is good. Let’s look better and be better together.