43 Workers Killed In Factory Fire

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More than six years on from the tragic Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh, things clearly haven’t changed much, with many factory owners still ignoring basic fire and safety regulations. The latest in these travesties was a fire that swept through a bag factory in the Indian capital of Delhi yesterday, killing 43 workers.

The blaze broke out early in the morning on Sunday December 8th at the four-storey factory building in Delhi’s congested old quarter. At least 100 people were sleeping inside the factory at the time, when the fire started on the lower storeys and quickly spread throughout the building.

According to a local fire chief, this building did not have a proper fire licence and was operating illegally as a factory. "We woke up with cries and shouts for help," said Ronak Khan, a 17-year-old who lives next door to the factory, which mainly makes school bags. "I saw people trapped. We asked them to come to the rooftop so that we could rescue them but they were not able to come up."

Prime Minister Narendra Modi sent his condolences and Tweeted: "The fire in Delhi's Anaj Mandi on Rani Jhansi Road is extremely horrific. My thoughts are with those who lost their loved ones. Wishing the injured a quick recovery. Authorities are providing all possible assistance at the site of the tragedy."

While the exact cause of the fire is still being investigated, BBC reports that an initial probe and eyewitness statements suggest a short circuit could have been to blame. Meanwhile local media reported that the factory owner, named as Rehan, has been arrested.

So, the question remains: how many tragedies will it take, before this dangerous culture of disregarding factory worker safety is finally addressed, for good?

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