The 5 Best Plant-Based Instagram Accounts

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 10 months ago | News

Image: via The Plant Room. Image source.

As soon as the weather starts to shift for the cooler, we find ourselves incongruously craving the great outdoors and everything that comes with it. But most of all: plants. Responsible for some of nature’s most impressive (and baffling) creations, the plant kingdom also happens to be largely responsible for life here on earth. So cheers to you, plants.

To celebrate these weird and wonderful living things and all that they give us — namely oxygen, but also a great deal of natural beauty too — we have collated five of our favourite plant-based Instagram accounts for you to get lost in. Whether that’s to satisfy your craving for nature, or simply inspire you to decorate your home in fresh and creative ways, these beautifully curated online spaces celebrate the offline world in the purest possible way.

1) @the_plantroom

The Plant Room is an actual store where you can buy actual plants in the Sydney suburb of Manly. Run by Emma McPherson, the Instagram account gives you a glimpse inside the store, which is full of impressive-looking cacti potted in the most adorable handmade ceramics. A visit to the store itself is definitely in order, but until then, there is plenty to swoon over online.

2) @doctorcooper

Lisa Cooper is a Sydney based florist, artist and author. So it’s little wonder that her Instagram account @doctorcooper is also filled with beautiful blooms. I like to get lost in her beautiful arrangements whenever the weather is particularly drab, or the cool change has got your feeling down. As a bonus, you can pick up a few arrangement tips of your own along the way.

3) @theplantmagazine

The Plant Magazine is pretty much exactly as it sounds — a magazine dedicated to plants. What I especially love about this account, though, is that it represents plants in real life. Real modern life. Like a single rose by your bedside, or a bouquet clutched between the palms for some momentous occasion or other. It is plant life as it interacts with human life, in other words.

4) @geo_fleur

Geo Fleur is run by a botanical stylist and features an abundance of tips and tricks for indoor plant styling. Who knew that shelves could be used for things other than books, for example? Or that your favourite keyboard could look just that much more inviting when topped with an array of plant life? Geo Fleur knew, which is why she is our plant styling go-to on Instagram.

5) @theplanthunter

Much like The Plant Magazine, Plant Hunter celebrates “connections between people and plants”. But what’s particularly captivating about this special account is not only the interesting array of people interviewed, but also the imagery they uncover from the personal homes and gardens of those people. This is some serious house porn for plant lovers, people.

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