5 Natural Sunscreens We're Using This Summer That Actually Work

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 1 month ago | Features

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If you are into natural beauty, then you have probably heard about natural sunscreens. But what does this term actually mean and do they really work?

Well, typically, ‘natural sunscreens’ are associated with ingredients that don’t contain a chemical sun protection filter. Instead, their active ingredients are usually made of minerals – like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide – instead.

While many natural sunscreens on the market are effective for sun protection, though, they can sometimes be overly thick or leave a ‘white cast’ when applied to the skin. Which is why we have hunted down five of the best natural sunscreens that really work and actually feel great too.


1) Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream

LA-based natural skincare guru Josh Rosebrook knows what’s up. And his zinc oxide based Nutrient Day Cream is one of our favourite natural facial sunscreens for every day. It boasts SPF 30 protection, is light and works really well under makeup.


2) Emma Lewisham Skin Shield

Celebrities like Phoebe Tonkin rave about Emma Lewisham’s Skin Shield sunscreen. Also with a zinc oxide base, this non-greasy formula is sheer on the skin and offers two hours of waterproof protection and SPF 30 coverage.


3) Ultra Violette Clean Screen

Ultra Violette’s Clean Screen sunscreen boasts more of a gel texture but it, too, offers SPF 30 protection and is completely fragrance free. Gentle and moisturising, this titanium dioxide formula is specifically designed with sensitive skin in mind.


4) Little Urchin Natural Sunscreen

The Natural Sunscreen from Little Urchin is another gentle zinc oxide formular with SPF 30 coverage and three hours of water resistance. This one is also reef safe, preservative and fragrance free. So it is one of our favourites for packing in our summer beach bags.


5) Wotnot 30 SPF Natural Sunscreen

Wotnot makes award-winning natural organic skincare and their 30 SPF Natural Sunscreen is right up there amongst their best products. Suitable for very sensitive skin, this zinc oxide formula is made from organic ingredients and offers award-winning, high protection for both face and body.



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