5 Swimwear Styles That Make Summer’s Melting Point Seem A Whole Lot More Bearable

by: Rosie Dalton | 3 years ago | The Edit

Honey Rider’s epic swimwear game in James Bond film, Dr No. Image source.

Here’s the thing: summer heat can seem somewhat overwhelming, especially when you’re commuting on a non-air-conditioned bus, working from a warehouse building, or living with a busted fan. All you feel like doing at moments like these is stripping down to your underwear, basically. But then along comes the godsend that is swimwear and you can essentially do just that — but in a much more socially acceptable manner than if you really were to walk around in just your bra and knickers.

Perhaps it is for this reason that we’ve been getting so excited about buying new swimwear lately. Or maybe it’s got more to do with all of the awesome styles that have landed at Well Made Clothes recently. Including (but not limited to) those by one of our newest brands, Baaby. Whatever the reason, as the mercury begins to rise we can’t help but notice just how ill prepared we are for the sweltering beach season ahead.

With that in mind then, we’ve been lusting after a number of different swimwear styles of late — from the timeless classics that every woman should own, to the more fun and experimental styles that help us to imagine we’re trapped on a desert island (read: tropical paradise) with nothing to do but sip on a coconut and enjoy long, leisurely dips in the ocean.

In the spirit of preserving these beautiful tropical landscapes we dream of, though, we’re also all about opting for recycled lycra wherever possible this year — because global pollution levels are already bad enough, without contributing to the problem even further. So why not use what we have available to us instead, in order to help the planet and our beach wardrobes all at the same time? For designers like Baaby, this means using regenerated and sustainable fibres to make their swimwear. And for us consumers, that means beautiful new swimmers that look good and actually are good too.

1) A printed one piece

The Wanda One Piece in Black and White Check.

There are a lot of great things about the Wanda one piece from Baaby, like the fact that it features a low back for example, and an in-built bra for added support. Or the fact that it’s made from luxury Italian lycra, crafted from 100% regenerated and sustainable fibres. But it’s the print that really grabs us most about this particular one-piece: so simple (black checks) and yet so perfect. There’s just something about embracing a printed swimsuit that makes us feel as if we’re already sipping cocktails on that secluded island paradise. Don’t you think?

2) A simple black bikini

The Stevie Bikini in Ivory Black.

A simple black bikini is a must-have for every well-rounded beachwear wardrobe — not least of all because of its versatility. Not only can you mix and match classic black tops and/or bottoms with almost any other colours, prints or shapes, but these styles can also double as underwear in a pinch. Like when your black bra has gone on hiatus at the Laundromat, for example. This is part of the reason why we love Her’s Stevie Bikini so much. Its classic, yet feminine triangle shape means that it will work just as well at the beach as it will underneath a sheer top for evenings.

3) The forever one piece

The Swim Good One Piece in Black.

For someone who has never really been that excited about one piece swimsuits in general, I have to say I have become a total convert of late. Not only are they comfortable and practical (especially if you, like me, want to give surf lessons a whirl this summer), but they are also incredibly versatile, because all you have to do is toss a skirt on over the top and your one piece will double as a chic and streamlined top as well. We especially love this timeless v-neck style with a low back from Good Studios. Made from up-cycled nylon that’s been sourced from salvaged fishing nets, it looks good and is good too.

4) A high-waisted bikini

The High Waisted Wrap Brief in Titanium/Carbon.

So often we are forced to choose a colour (and/or print) when it comes to swimwear, but fortunately Pageant has gone and made the decision a whole lot easier for us this season. Their Warp High Waist Brief incorporates a colour palette of both titanium and carbon — which means that you can pair yours with theWarp Bandeau Top to match, or mix it up by wearing your black triangle bikini on top instead. Either way, we think the high-waisted style of these briefs would totally make Bond girl Honey Rider proud.  

5) A vintage-inspired cut

The Luna Rose Set in Black and White Check.

Can you tell that we really, really love Baaby’s black and white check print? Perhaps it’s got something to do with the timeless colour palette, or maybe it’s more about the fact that gingham has been totally stealing the show at fashion week of late. Either way, it feels like the perfect vintage throwback to incorporate into our summer beachwear this season. When rendered in this 1950s-inspired cut and the finest regenerated and sustainable fibres out there (Italian ones, no less), we’re pretty much sold. All we need now is the straw hat to really fulfill all our Brigitte-Bardot-in-St-Tropez style dreams.


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