90s Minimalism Is The Perfect Uniform For Our Times

by: Rosie Dalton | 7 months ago | Features

Image: Liv Tyler in the nineties. Image source

Stylistically speaking, the nineties era had that certain je ne sais quoi. Immediately following the maximalism of the 1980s, the minimalist nineties were much more pared back – synonymous with functional basics, and the perfect pair of Levi’s 501. There was an undone elegance to the way women dressed during that decade and few women sum up this unassuming cool quite so well as Liv Tyler.

As we all slow down the pace in these times of self-isolation and return to clothing that is inherently practical, we are finding that the minimalism of the 1990s is now the perfect uniform for our times. And Liv Tyler is the perfect muse.

This was the era in which Liv starred in cult films like Empire Records, Stealing Beauty, and Armageddon. But it is her relaxed off-duty style that we are gravitating to most right now. Think perfectly worn-in blue denim, practical tee dresses, and sleek sneakers.

Here’s how.


1) Start with the simplicity of an A-line LBD

Image: the Galaxy Dress by Elk.


2) Layer with the perfect oversized denim jacket

Image: the Trucker Jacket by Levi’s.



3) Toss on a pair of black vegan sneakers


Image: Nova Canvas Vegan Sneaker by Veja.

Rinse and repeat!

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