A Pair Of Handcrafted Sandals, From Start To Finish, With Nelson Made

by: Rosie Dalton | 9 months ago | Features

After working in the footwear industry for years, Nelson Made designer, Jamie, decided to launch her own label so that she could hand-make sandals locally in Melbourne. Passionate about producing responsibly – from design through to construction – she believes this is key to creating pieces that you can keep forever. 

So here, Nelson Made shows us what is involved in hand-making a pair of sandals, from start to finish.



Design is an important part of producing well-made products. “Our design philosophy is one of conscious creation,” Nelson Made explains. “We believe designing beautiful footwear and minimising our impact are symbiotic.”

The brand sees its journey towards sustainability as an open conversation not just with their suppliers and retailers, but with their customers too. “Inch by inch and seam by seam, we consider the most environmentally conscious options that will support the production of our beautiful footwear and that will stand the test of time so you can cherish your NM pieces forever.”


Materials account for a large proportion of a product’s overall impact, which is why Nelson Made prioritises low impact choices for their shoes. 

“Footwear needs to be extremely durable, so the materials traditionally used have huge environmental impacts,” NM explains. "We source high quality materials that are kind to both people and the planet.” 

These include recycled and chrome free leather certified by the Leather Working Group (LWG), organic linen, OEKO TEX-certified fabrics, and deadstock fabrics. 


Finally, Nelson Made’s flat sandals are constructed by hand in-house in the brand’s clean energy Melbourne studio. “Local production is important to us,” the brand explains, “because it supports our local industry, it keeps us connected to the making process and our community of makers, and it allows us to ensure your shoes are made with love to the highest quality standards so you can cherish your NM sandals forever.”

The brand’s more complex heeled sandals are handcrafted in a family-run partner factory in China. This factory is independently audited twice a year by Qualspec – one of the leading social certification standards for factories and organisations across the globe. 

Not only does handcrafting footwear promote the continuation of traditional artisanship skills, but it can also help to minimise waste. Which means these shoes look good and help to reduce our environmental ~footprint~.

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