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New Study Links Air Pollution To Increased Rates Of Depression

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 11 months ago | News

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People often talk about the effects of air pollution on our lungs, but now a new study has traced a link between high pollution areas and an increased risk of psychiatric disorders. The recent study published on the PLOS Biology journal looked at 11 years of health insurance data for 151 million people across the United States and revealed that areas in the US with the worst air quality also had a 27% increase in bipolar diagnoses, and a 6% increase in cases of depression, when compared to the national average.

For this study, scientists reportedly analysed air, water, and land quality data, to see where insurance claims and rates of pollution overlapped. These findings were then compared with a similar study that was carried out in Denmark, and which corroborated the results of the US report. 

This isn’t the first study to reveal a connection between air pollution and mental health, though. As Dazed reports, previous research conducted in London also suggested a link between teenage depression and growing up in polluted areas. While large-scale research in China suggests air pollution may be affecting our brains in other ways too.

So, although climate change is now very much on the global agenda from an environmental perspective, it’s clear that we need to be delving a little deeper into the effects of rising pollution rates on human health as well.


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