'Highway Fitting' Is The Anti-Consumerism Film We Need Right Now

by: Rosie Dalton | 5 months ago | News

Highway Fitting from Fashion Revolution Belgium on Vimeo.

Fashion Revolution Belgium has recently teamed up with Belgian production company Fledge.tv to launch a new campaign called Highway Fitting – and it’s one that encourages consumers to think twice about their online purchasing habits. As the accompanying short film points out, 40% of clothes bought online are sent back.

Which mightn’t seem like such a bad thing – I mean, at least people aren’t just holding onto clothes that they will never wear. But when you think about it, this actually costs the planet a great deal, considering all the energy that’s involved in transporting those goods back and forth – sometimes right across the globe.

These new online shopping figures stem from a recent UK survey and, as Nylon suggests, the high online return rate has a lot to do with ‘shopping events’ like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Couple this with the fact that many retailers are now offering free returns and it's becoming increasingly commonplace for people to just purchase clothes without really considering things like size or overall wearability.

It is this complacency that Fashion Revolution now wants us to reconsider. According to the organisation, returning an item in this way is resulting in a two-way drive of a delivery van – which literally doubles the pollution that this drive creates. And this is what Fashion Revolution refers to as a “highway fitting.”

The anti-consumerist message couldn’t come at a more poignant time, either, as we're currently in the midst of a major shopping (and gifting) season. So it comes as a welcome reminder to think twice before you buy this Christmas, Boxing Day and beyond. You can watch the full film above, or head over to HighwayFitting.com to learn more about the movement.

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