Around My Town: Brisbane With Lis From NICO

by: Rosie Dalton | 2 years ago | Features

Image: NICO founder and designer Lis Harvey. 

NICO is one of our favourite lingerie brands – not just because the label effortlessly combines both form and function, but also because this is achieved in a manner that shows great respect for both people and the planet. “Environmental sustainability is a really big factor in all our decision making and particularly when it comes to fabric choice,” NICO’s founder and designer Lis Harvey has told Well Made Clothes. And as the first underwear brand to achieve accreditation with Ethical Clothing Australia, it’s clear that Lis and the NICO team hold true to their values of Fair work as well.

So as we prepare to launch an exclusive Well Made Clothes collaboration with NICO, we decided to get an inside look into Lis’ daily grind by asking her to show us around her town of Brisbane. Bearing in mind that we are also about to enter high summer territory, we can’t help but feel that her Queensland recommendations might really come in handy over the coming months. Here, Lis gives us the inside track on where to shop, drink and sip cold pressed coffee.

Rosie Dalton: Can you tell us a little bit about your town?
Lis Harvey: Brisbane is a super nice city to live in. It’s really relaxed and beautiful and there’s lots of amazing beaches close by and lovely spots for hiking. It’s growing really fast as well and there are great new bars and cafes all the time. Our life here is a nice mix of outdoorsy things and city things.  

Rosie: What is your average day like in and around your town?
Lis: What I love about my work is that every day is a little bit different. Things that do happen everyday though are sunshine appreciation and lots of dog cuddles.

Rosie: Can you run us through some of your favourite places to eat?
Lis: West End – which is on the south side of the city – is home to most of my favourites. Trangs Vietnamese on Hardgrave Rd is a classic for cheap and cheerful. Also Cafe O’Mai in Annerley is 100% deliciousness.

Image: inside GOMA. Image source.

Rosie: Where is your favourite spot to enjoy a mid-morning coffee?
Lis: Black Star in West End is my fave. They do the best cold press. 

Rosie: What about your go-to for a late night drink?
Lis: Fish Lane is one of my new favourite precincts for food and drinks and La Lune Wine Bar is a total gem. They have a beautiful range of wines and it’s run by my gorgeous pal Olivia :)

Rosie: If we only had one day in town, which cultural activities would you say are a must?
Lis: First stop would be GOMA, which has been such an important addition to the Brisbane arts scene. There are some very cool shows coming up, including Gerhard Richter and Yayoi Kusama. Junky Comics in West End has a really great range of local zines and comics. If there’s something on by Expressions Dance Company, that’s a must – their contemporary dance work is always beautiful! And make it a Sunday so you can head to Vieille Branche’s Sunday Hot Club for jazz and French cider. 

Image: jazz at Vieille Branche’s Sunday Hot Club. Image source.

Rosie: Can you share some of your favourite local markets, vintage shops, or places to pick up something special for your home?
Lis: On Saturdays we head to Rocklea Markets, which is close by our house to stock up on fruit and veg. They also have lots of great plants! The flower markets at Rocklea are also open during the week for beautiful, cheap flowers. I love Swop Clothing Exchange for Vintage and the Living Edge Showroom in James St for dreaming about designer furniture! 

Rosie: And finally, what do you love most about where you live?
Lis: Brisbane has such a lovely laidback vibe. There’s a great creative community here who are super supportive. It’s unpretentious and that’s something I really appreciate. Plus, the weather! 

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