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Artless Collective Co-Founder Tessa Jack On The Power Of Local Production

by: Rosie Dalton | 11 months ago | Features

Image: Scarlett Stevens wears Artless Collective. Image source.

Artless Collective specialises in dreamy dresses that are locally made in small production runs and with timeless design in mind. Here, co-founder Tessa Jack shares the brand’s story and why supporting local is so important.

Rosie Dalton: How did Artless Collective begin?
Tess Jack: Artless began in 2018, when Diane and I realised all our clothes were either jeans and tees or very dressy pieces. We are both mums with young kids, so wanted to create dresses we could wear anywhere, which were practical yet still feminine and made us feel good. Our aim is to make super versatile pieces that can still be worn in 10 years’ time – increasing wearability and reducing waste.

Image: details of the Millicent Dress.

Rosie: Why is producing locally so important?
Tess: Producing locally is important for a couple of reasons. Firstly, we don’t want to mass produce, and we also love having a personal relationship with our pattern maker and manufacturer. We can easily alter things during the sample process and we know who makes our clothes and that they are being fairly paid and treated. Neither of us has the time, money or flexibility to produce overseas, so making locally just makes sense.

Rosie: Can you run us through the production process?
Tess: We create pieces from gaps in our wardrobes and usually end up drawing similar dresses. There’s a lot of vintage inspiration, as we love the quality and timelessness of a well-made piece. Our pattern maker is really the star of Artless and she always recommends wearing a piece and getting feedback before finalising design. Once she makes our sample, we take that pattern and sample to our manufacturer, who makes another sample. Once we get that back, we go into production.

Image: the Lucy Dress.

Rosie: Why do you prioritise small runs and timeless designs?
Tess: We predominantly use dead stock fabrics, so there is a limit to what’s available. Small runs are also important to us, as we don’t want to overproduce and be left with dead stock, which just leads to more waste. We are extremely conscious of fashion’s environmental impact, so want to create timeless, versatile pieces. 

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