At Home In Bondi With Textile Artist Poppy Kural

by: Rosie Dalton | 5 months ago | Features

Image: Poppy Kural (@poppykural) wears the Mom Jeans in Brenda and the Short Sleeve White Tee – Heart Notes

Poppy Kural doesn’t necessarily call herself an artist, but she is definitely an artist in our eyes. This Bondi-based creative makes beautiful woven sculptures using a mix of unexpected textiles and recycled wire. And hers are the kind of tapestry-meets-artworks that can transform any living space. Case in point: Poppy’s own apartment, by the beach in Bondi.

As she gears up to have her first child next January, Poppy invited Well Made Clothes over for a cup of tea; and to wax lyrical about her creative process and the all-natural beauty products she has become obsessed with since falling pregnant. As an organic-cotton lover who pretty much lives in Kowtow sweatshirts and Levi’s Water<Less denim, we can’t help but feel inspired by Poppy’s laidback style. Step inside her dreamy world.

Rosie Dalton: What would you say is your official title?
Poppy Kural: I like to say that I make art – but it is hard for me to identify as an ‘artist’. Especially at the moment, because I am really focussed on my pregnancy right now, so I feel like a lot of my creativity is going into that. I spend a lot of my spare time researching baby things [laughs].

Rosie: How did you first get into making your textile works?
Poppy: Well I went to a Steiner School for a few years, where everything is about making things. Something we always used to do was weaving, so I did this at primary school and then, when I graduated, I went to RMIT in Melbourne to study Textile Design. I didn’t really know that I would do weaving, but that became my main focus. It was more traditional weaving on tabletop looms, making linens and cloths. But then I decided to move back to Sydney and do sculpture at COFA, which wound up with me doing woven sculptures. 

Image: one of Poppy’s wire textile works sits atop her bureau.

Rosie: And how do you choose the different materials that you work with?
Poppy: It just depends. I like to use only natural and organic cottons wherever possible, but I also use a lot of recycled wire now. Because of the scale of my works, the materials often depend on what I can get in bulk. Even with my smaller works, there is quite a lot that goes into each one.  

Rosie: You do most of your pieces on commission, is that right?
Poppy: Yeah, it is all on commission, unless I have a show. They are just really time consuming, so I don’t really have time to spend all day making a work that may not sell. When I was living in Byron, that was my goal – to set up a proper studio and treat it like a nine to five job. But then everything changed when I fell pregnant.  I don’t have as much energy right now, but I have had quite a few commissions recently, which is great.

Image: Poppy Kural wears the Mom Jeans in Brenda and the Short Sleeve White Tee – Heart Notes. Linen is by In Bed.

Rosie: Have you found that a lot has changed since being pregnant?
Poppy: Yeah, definitely. Socially and emotionally things have changed a lot. And I have overhauled my beauty routine too. I only really use natural products anyway and I eat pretty well, but the day I found out, I chucked out anything that wasn’t natural.

Rosie: What are some of your favourite products to use right now?
Poppy: I am really into products by the Koala Brand and also MV Organic Skincare. I have got a lot of different oils as well. But yeah, basically any natural, local products that haven’t been heated is what I am into right now. It has been a fun process, but also quite expensive [laughs]. 

Image: the Short Sleeve White Tee – Heart Notes.

Rosie: Have you also become more conscious of what you wear, clothing wise?
Poppy: Yeah definitely – I mostly wear organic clothes where I can. I pretty much live in Kowtow jumpers, John Patrick slips and Levi’s right now. Just really simple, organic pieces basically. This is especially true since being pregnant, because you just don’t want to have too much on your skin – particularly nasty synthetics or itchy fabrics. I have also switched to using natural washing products recently, which makes a big difference. 

Rosie: Do you love living near the beach and being so close to nature?
Poppy: Yeah I don’t think I realised just how much I loved it before. When we moved up to Byron, we were living in Mullumbimby, which meant that we had to get into the car just to go to the beach. So I love being back in Bondi now and being able to walk down to the beach. 

Image: Poppy Kural wears the Mom Jeans in Brenda and the Short Sleeve White Tee – Heart Notes

Rosie: Did you grow up around this area?
Poppy: No, I actually grew up on the Northern Beaches and then moved to Paddington when I was fifteen. Later on I lived in Melbourne for a while and then Bondi. But I actually wanted to get out of Sydney for a while, so my boyfriend and I moved up to Byron, until I found out I was pregnant. I think one day I would like to live down in Tasmania – it is so beautiful there and I love the idea of being surrounded by nature. 


You can find Poppy on Instagram over here.

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