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Australia Launches First Undergrad Ethical Fashion Degree

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 7 months ago | News

Ethical fashion has become a hot topic over the past couple of years, as more brands launch environmental initiatives and consumers become increasingly concerned with climate change and their personal footprint. But, at a time of such significant evolution, education is critical in guiding the way.

Enter Australia’s first ethical fashion undergraduate degree. Collarts college in Victoria is the first tertiary college in the country to offer a degree with sustainable fashion at its core. The Fashion Journal reports that Fashion and Sustainability will be available as either a Bachelor of Design or Diploma of Design and will be open for intake on January 28, 2020.

The degree is reportedly built around “the idea of design as a problem solving activity”. And Collarts’ head of fashion, Dr Rachel Matthews says it will focus on new methods of design and production, dissecting and attempting to improve the steps in fashion’s supply chain. Students will be encouraged to think consciously about materials and where they come from, as well as what their full lifecycle will look like.

“It seemed that fashion education, certainly at an undergraduate level, was still teaching old methods of design, making, promotion and fashion,” Matthews explains. “There’s a new generation of people that are interested in fashion, but are cautious of stepping into that space because of the negativity around fast fashion, textile waste, environmental damage and overconsumption”.

This innovative degree will attempt to address that, with subjects like Design Processes and Industry Awareness – which allows students to meet with industry professionals, collaborate with creatives both in and out of fashion, and get some real experience through 60 hours of industry placement.

If ethical fashion is the future, then proper education is key to making that dream a reality. And we’re pleased to see Australia taking initiative with this pioneering undergrad program.

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