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The Best Beauty Hacks We're Taking From Our Pantry

by: Rosie Dalton | 3 years ago | Features

Image: Jane Birkin grocery shopping in Paris. Image source.

Lately I have gotten really into natural skincare, which has fortunately become a lot more readily available over recent years, but is unfortunately just as expensive as regular skincare. Sometimes even more. Which is why I am always looking for simple beauty hacks that can help to stretch those precious products out for as long as possible. Or at least bide my time between finishing one bottle and investing in the next. 

Luckily our pantries are a veritable treasure trove in this department. Not only do they house all manner of snacks, but they also contain plenty of versatile products like olive oil, salt and coconut oil, which can double as beauty products in a pinch. So whether you have just run out of your favourite body moisturiser, or are simply looking for a cheap and fun way to DIY your way to smooth, glowy skin in the depths of winter, these are the pantry items you can always rely upon.  

1) Olive or almond oil as makeup remover
Whenever I run out of my regular makeup remover — or am wearing particularly stubborn eye makeup — I reach for the almond or olive oil from the pantry instead. Oils like these are great for dissolving your mascara or eyeliner and are pretty easy to come by no matter where you are in the world. Even while travelling, for example, you can count on room service to have some olive oil on hand, so needn’t worry about forgetting to pack your full makeup kit on the road. These oils actually have so many different uses, which means they are always good to have on hand. Olive oil can also make a great hair mask, for example, while almond oil can be added to other essential oils and slathered all over your body to combat dry skin.

2) Coconut oil as body moisturiser
Coconut oil is another great household oil, which has a number of different beauty uses. It is incredible, for example, when used as a body moisturiser — especially during the cooler months, when it offers a rich salve for totally dried out skin. Australian actress Phoebe Tonkin always seems to have glowy skin and she swears by adding a cup of coconut oil to her Epsom salt baths for effortless absorption. If it’s good enough for Phoebe, it is good enough for us. But if you are going to adopt this method, please remember to be careful you don’t slip when getting in and out of the tub. Seriously guys.

3) Sugar as lip scrub
I don’t know about you, but my lips tend to get super dry during the long winter months, no matter how much lip balm I use. Enter a homemade sugar lip scrub, which is a great way to keep your lips smooth and help them to better absorb all that moisture you’re applying with reckless abandon. It’s pretty simple really — you can check out this step by step guide, or just mix a teaspoon of raw sugar from your pantry with a bit of oil or lip balm. Again, almond oil works a treat here, but you could also use PawPaw Ointment or similar if you prefer. Then simply rub the mixture all over your lips while showering, giving them a good scrub as you go. Immediately afterwards apply some more lip balm and you are good to go.

4) Salt as body scrub
Salt and sugar scrubs are pretty much interchangeable, but I tend to find that the sugary version is a little gentler for sensitive areas such as your lips. A salt scrub, on the other hand, makes for a really great way to keep your skin feeling smooth during the winter months. Because I have a confession to make here: I am actually really very bad at taking care of the skin on my body. I cleanse and moisturise my face religiously every day, twice a day but am much lazier when it comes to my body. A good homemade salt scrub is a great way to make up for this though, by undoing some of the damage I have done by neglecting to moisturise as often as I should. So if you’re anything like me, just mix some ground salt with an oil of your choosing, a few drops of essential oil and slough away to your heart’s content. Afterwards, you can slip into a bath of coconut oil for that maximum moisturisation. And if you want to get even deeper with experimentation here, then your coffee grounds also work a treat in the scrub department.

5) Yoghurt as hair mask
Okay hear me out on this one. I know that it sounds kind of gross, but Australian stylist and all-round natural beauty Stevie Dance is all about this kundalini yoga inspired hair mask. Apparently the dairy gives your locks a glossy shine that is just as good (if not better) than those crazy expensive hair masks you buy at the salon. So why not give it a go? Simply massage almond oil into your hair from the tips up to the roots and sit in the sun to let it warm while you drink your morning coffee. Next mix a scoop of yoghurt with a few more dashes of oil and a scent of your choosing (lavender and other essential oils will help you to mask the yoghurt smell). Then layer the concoction over your hair, wrap it in a towel while you enjoy an episode of Sex and the City and wash thoroughly with shampoo and condition. Say hello to “heaven hair”. And also see eggs and avocados for more in this department. 

Please note: This is not expert advice. Everybody's skin is different and we are simply recounting methods that have worked for us.

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