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by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 1 year ago | News

Self-explanatory image of the fabulous Pink Ladies. Image source.

Well Made Clothes is run by a small team of women who love fashion, but don’t love the destructiveness of the current fashion industry supply chain. We started Well Made Clothes to unite our favourite responsible fashion designers under one roof, and to write about all the things happening in the fashion industry we care about. Our logic being if we love these brands this much, and if we care about this stuff this much, other people might, too.

Which is to say the modus operandi of Well Made Clothes is to bring similarly-minded fashion lovers together as one community, because, in a world dominated by fast fashion rhetoric, it’s good to know there are people out there who feel the same way about stuff as we do; partners in crime (or, lack thereof) so-to-speak.

Which means we want to chat with you, bring you all together, and share things with you as much as we can. We’re going to do this through the Well Made Club, which is our version of a VIP club, and which works something like this. We look forward to connecting with you in all of the ways:

Sign up to our Well Made Weekly (at the bottom of our home page) to be the first to know about everything Well Made Clothes-related. If you sign up now, you'll receive a code for $10 off your first purchase (via a code you'll receive in your confirmation email.

Then, for every $1000 you spend, we'll send you a $50 gift voucher, plus a care package to say thank you when you reach your first $1000.

Once you spend $1000 on Well Made Clothes, you’ll also receive:

Invitations to our Well Made Club events (we’re planning a bunch of really exciting things for summer!).

Exclusive offers, including previewing our sales and new collections, concert, movie and other event ticket giveaways, and free gifts with purchases. Speaking of which, we have an incredible free gift with purchase launching June 19th, so stay tuned.

All of which is to say we want to thank you for supporting responsible fashion, and for supporting us, and we hope to e-meet you, then IRL meet you soon!

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