Bel Sherriff Invites Us Over To Talk Natural Beauty

by: Rosie Dalton | 2 years ago | News

Image: Bel Sherriff wears the Katie Top, pictured with her son Odin. 

Summer is officially here now and ‘tis the season for the great summer sweat. But being wary of the chemicals in our clothes, we are naturally concerned about the chemicals in our beauty products as well. Which is why we have been thinking of making the switch to natural deodorant lately. Especially considering some of the frightening suggestions that conventional deodorant can be carcinogenic.

It is a really big topic though. So, uncertain about where to start, we turned to local mum and green thumb in the garden Bel Sherriff. Inviting us over to her Sydney home, Bel let us rifle through her beauty cabinet and told us all about the natural deodorant that she swears by. It is perfect for staying sweat free all summer long – and if your son happens to accidentally ingest some, it is NBD.

Image: Bel Sherriff wears the Katie Top, pictured with her son Odin. 

Rosie Dalton: How has having Odin changed your approach to style and beauty?
Bel Sherriff: Well I feel like I don’t really use any products at all anymore. But when I do, I am very conscious of what I put on. I use natural products wherever possible. One of my favourites is this natural deodorant by Schmidt. I started using it before I had Odin, because breast cancer runs in my family and then I never really stopped. It’s so natural that if he eats some, it’s fine [laughs]. Odin also uses a natural toothpaste – in fact, all of his products are natural.

Rosie: It is nice that you extend your beauty principles through to your son’s routine as well.
Bel: Not just in terms of products, but also the ideas I expose him to. I didn’t necessarily grow up in the most positive environment for body image, so I am really trying to raise Odin to believe that all women are beautiful, no matter what their shape or size. I think that is really important.


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