The Sustainability Of Hemp, With Good Studios Designer Anny Duff

by: Rosie Dalton | 1 year ago | Features

Image: Good Studios designer Anny Duff. Image source

Anny Duff is the talented designer and founder behind one of our favourite sustainable labels, Good Studios. So when the opportunity arose to collaborate with Anny on our ultimate pair of look good, feel good jeans we were stoked. Enter Denim, Made Good! Because we wear jeans pretty much every day, we wanted them to have the values we can get behind and the fit we can get our behinds into.

This is why we wanted to work with Anny – who is a master with hemp – on creating hemp denim inspired by our favourite vintage silhouettes. Just in case you haven’t heard about hemp and all of it’s wonderful eco properties yet, we sat down with Anny to discuss the benefits of the fibre and why we chose to use it for our Denim, Made Good range.

Image: Denim, Made Good Project 1 Jeans.

Rosie Dalton: What was your role in the Denim, Made Good collaboration that has just launched on Well Made Clothes?
Anny Duff
: My role was to work between WMC, our denim specialist Leonie Rutherford and our Melbourne ECA accredited factory to translate our vision of the perfect jean to a finished design. I sourced all the materials that went into our jeans – from the Hemp Organic Cotton denim, to the recycled zips, nickel free buttons and recycled paper jean patches.

Rosie: How would you describe the process of making these jeans with Well Made Clothes?
: Working with the WMC crew on this has been such a dream! Courtney and Kelly approached me over a year ago to collaborate on making the perfect jean, from hemp and timeless in fit and design. Having worked with hemp for years, I was aware of stories that the first jeans had been made from hemp but I was completely intimidated by the process of making jeans as it is such a fine art. Then we started working with Leonie, whose knowledge (and endless patience) got this project through to the incredible finished design that we’re all so proud to now release.

Rosie: Can you tell us a bit about why you chose hemp in particular and what makes this fabric so special – both environmentally speaking and also in terms of wearability?
: Jeans are renowned for their durability – as is hemp – so really they are a match made in heaven. The first pair of Levi’s were made from hemp and I’m pretty sure pairs from that era are still around today! Hemp has a huge role to play in the future of sustainable fashion. It is able to grow in almost any climate with very little water and no pesticides. So, as legislation changes to make it more accessible, I think we will see a huge leap in popularity; purely because it is so easy to cultivate. And once you own anything made from hemp, everything else just feels a little sub-par.

Image: Denim, Made Good Project 1 Jeans.

Rosie: A lot of thought has also gone into the finer details of these jeans – the nickel free buttons, recycled zips and paper labels. Why was it so important for all aspects of the garment to reflect a more sustainable mindset?
: We decided from the outset that, if we were going to take on making a pair of jeans – which is a massive feat in itself, that they needed to really celebrate the values of both our brands. Sourcing the special detailing for the design was incredibly rewarding, but some of the most sustainable decisions we made were around what to leave out (for example, rather than using tacks as reinforcement we double stitched, and chose not to use swing tags or unnecessary packaging). 

Rosie: And why do you believe that ethical denim is so necessary now, within our current fashion landscape?
: I believe jeans are a global language tool in fashion terms: they span cultures, classes and trends and for this reason I believe there will always be a necessity to create more efficient and transparent methods in the manufacturing of denim. Denim has always been a celebrated fashion item, (I remember saving up for my first pair at 10 years old, and EVERY pair of 501s I’ve found in vintage stores across the world). But I also think it could be used as a vehicle to bring the story of sustainability to the forefront of the fashion industry, in a language that is universally understood.

Rosie: In your opinion, what makes the perfect pair of jeans?
: For me, it is all about fit, wash and wear. I am so specific about colour, especially of my blue denim jeans, and abhor pre aging or tearing/ fraying: let time do it naturally if you really want that look! Fit wise, a good back rise for butt support and the perfect taper on the leg is what I look for. The ability to keep its shape over several wears so you rarely have to wash them is very important too.

You can shop our Denim, Made Good jeans over here.

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