Beyoncé's Ivy Park Has Cut All Ties With Topshop

by: Lucy Jones | 6 months ago | News

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Beyoncé just reminded everyone who run the world buy buying her brand back from Philip Green. The chairman of the Arcadia Group, which owns Topshop, is facing allegations of sexual harassment and racial abuse. Beyoncé's company Parkwood has cut all ties with the retail tycoon by purchasing his 50% share in the company. The company will also be pulling all Ivy Park products from Topshop stores.

"After discussions of almost a year, [Beyoncé's] Parkwood has acquired 100 percent of the Ivy Park brand," Ivy Park said in a statement.

The brand did not clarify why it is splitting from Arcadia but the retail group's factories might have something to do with it. Ivy Park has faced criticism in the past for relying on the labour of sweatshop workers in Sri Lanka who earn as little as 64 cents an hour. Hopefully the brand will stop making its 'empowering' clothes at these facilities now that it has cut ties with Topshop.

When Beyoncé launched Ivy Park in 2016, she said the clothes were created to “support and inspire women who understand that beauty is more than your physical appearance”. Topshop also claimed that the range would "empower women through sport”. These empowering messages do not align with the alleged behaviour of Topshop owner Philip Green. Last month, a member of the UK parliament revealed that Green killed a Daily Telegraph story about his alleged sexual harassment and racist abuse of staff. These allegations were brought against Green by five former employees. Since the allegations came to light, Green has denied any wrongdoing and described his behaviour as “banter”. "Nothing I've said was ever meant to be offensive," he told the Daily Mail.

Whatever the reason, it's great to see Beyoncé distancing herself from Topshop. We hope this means she will distance herself from its unethical production processes too.

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