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Build A Locally-Made Capsule Wardrobe, From Head To Toe

by: Rosie Dalton | 1 year ago | Features

Image: Rosie wears the Claire Tee in White.

Today, locally made clothing is far from the norm. In fact, based on value, 92% of clothes sold in Australia are imported, according to the Council of Textiles and Fashion Industries of Australia. And primarily, garment manufacturing takes place in poorer developing nations, passing through many different hands and even continents before making it into our wardrobes. Local manufacturing, on the other hand, allows designers to have shorter lead times and be more responsive in terms of both production and creative design. Which is why I believe in supporting the underdogs in fashion – aka the local brands like Arnsdorf and RAFA

Rathing than outsourcing to overseas factories, all our local brands on Well Made Clothes make their products nearby to where they are based. This close proximity to the factory allows them to have more agility in terms of both creativity and consumption. "A lot of family-owned businesses are having to shut down now, because there's just not enough demand for their services," explains well-made designer Jillian Boustred. "So it's really important to support Australian-made labels in order to keep the industry alive," she says. 

We agree that this is important not just as a way to help combat over-production and over-consumption in the fashion industry, but also as a way to boost creativity in fashion as well. Which is why we like to take the advice of our pal Chloe Hill and buy local, outfit repeat often. Since the second half of this clause is the basic premise behind the capsule wardrobe, we are building a locally-made capsule wardrobe, from head to toe.  

1) Locally-made earrings

Image: the Tube Hoop Earrings in Gold.

A great, timeless pair of earrings is my go-to starting point for any great locally-made capsule wardrobe. This is because handcrafted jewellery like the Tube Hoop Earrings are not only incredibly versatile – and capable of dressing up any outfit – but they are also a celebration of traditional craftsmanship. Which is becoming increasingly rare in this age of mass-production. 

2) A locally-made tee

Image: the Claire Tee in Black

When choosing basics for my locally-made capsule wardrobe, I tend to gravitate towards something with a little bit of interest,  whether that is by way of a unique detail, texture or colour. Arnsdorf’s Claire Tee is perfect here, because the neckline is striking, but the sustainable organic cotton composition equals basic comfort – making it the perfect multitasker.

3) A locally-made linen dress

Image: the Valerie Dress in Dusty Pink.

Few fabrics are quite so comfortable and versatile as linen, which is why a wear-everywhere linen dress is a core fixture in my locally-made capsule wardrobe. Enter Jillian Boustred’s Valerie Dress. Although this beautiful piece also comes in Natural, I happen to love the subtle pop of colour that the Dusty Pink provides. It is colourful, without being over the top – and did we mention that it is locally-made?

4) Locally-made denim 

Image: the Skylar Wide Jean Ankle in Black Contrast

No matter what the season, my locally-made capsule wardrobe always includes some denim. In particular, I like the versatility of a black or blue jean – especially with a topstitch like this wide leg style. Locally-made denim looks good and it is good too, because as Nobody Denim explains: “Our commitment to manufacturing in Australia allows us to respond immediately to current trends, customer needs and to keep jobs in Australia." 

5) The locally-made sandal

Image: the Milli Sandal in Peony.

Last but not least, my locally-made wardrobe is grounded by a great pair of sandals. Like RAFA’s vegan Milli style, which is made and designed in Los Angeles, or Post Sole Studio’s Summer Lane Mule, which is made and designed in Melbourne. Well-made and built to last, these styles are a testament to traditional craftsmanship and local design.

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