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COVID-19 Has Broken Our Shopping Addiction

by: Rosie Dalton | 4 months ago | Features

Image: still from the shopping scene in Pretty Woman. Image source.

It’s fair to say that the effects of COVID-19 have been fairly horrific worldwide. Lives have been lost and economies have come to a grinding halt. But one silver lining we can take from this unprecedented time is that it has prompted us to rethink our purchasing habits. On the whole, COVID-19 has broken our shopping addiction. And now we just need to keep it that way.  

Modern fashion is largely trend-based and, over recent years, that trend cycle has been getting ever faster. But the global healthcare crisis has changed all that, prompting us to consume less and to reconsider our priorities. Through embracing the stillness, many of us have realised just how unnecessary (and overwhelming) the constant cycle of newness can really be.

As a result, many people shopped less throughout isolation. And, although certain product categories – like skincare and loungewear – surged, many people returned, instead, to a needs-based wardrobe. To clothing that actually serves a practical purpose. The only question now is: can we make this last?

Business of Fashion, for one, predicts that brands will have to slow down in order to survive in future. And even Vogue Editor Anna Wintour believes that it is time for us to “show less” and have “more of an emphasis on sustainability”. But the purchasing power of consumers will ultimately be the key to driving this positive change.

As restrictions slowly start to ease here in Australia, it may become increasingly tempting to return to our old habits of trend-based shopping – especially now that we actually have somewhere to go. But it is important to ask ourselves whether this feels good. Do we need all of those clothes? Or are we just addicted to the shopping experience?

A simple way to make sure that you shop only what you actually need is to do a post-isolation wardrobe inventory. Make a list of the pieces you are missing. Then search for those pieces with two things in mind: your ongoing personal style (rather than the latest trend you’re coveting), and the core values you’d like to look for in a new product or brand. With this simple strategy, we can all kick the shopping addiction for good.

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