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COVID-19 Has Taught Us To Want Less And To Appreciate Craftsmanship More

by: Rosie Dalton | 3 months ago | Features

Image: inside the Arnsdorf workroom in Melbourne.

COVID-19 has shifted many people’s priorities worldwide. In a fashion context, it has taught us to want for less, due to the sudden lack of immediate access to goods (and the instant gratification that comes with buying those goods). This, in turn, has led us to return to clothing that is inherently functional and practical, prompting a newfound appreciation for the value of craftsmanship. 

Good craftsmanship equals good quality clothing. It is there in the fabric composition and the way a garment has been stitched, the functional design and the attention to detail. Take Melbourne-based brand Arnsdorf, for example, which is focused on quality over quantity.

From their in-house factory in Collingwood, this brand manages everything from design to production, ensuring exceptional quality and transparency with every garment. Each product listed online also includes a note about who made the piece and what the labour costs were. Which gives customers the peace of mind that craftspeople and their skills are being valued at every step. 

This is important, because unfortunately many ancient crafts are quickly dwindling. In fact, Business of Fashion points out, that traditional craftsmanship is “on the verge of extinction” right now. “Highly-skilled craftsmen and women have become an endangered species as more young people have chosen other career options,” BoF writes. “This, and the proliferation of mechanised, globalised production has brought many traditional, craft-based businesses to their knees.”

This is a problem, because there is both beauty and cultural wisdom in traditional craftsmanship. History shows, for example, that “African textiles are a part of the cultural heritage of its people.” But many traditional crafts are now struggling to survive, in the face of mechanised global production and the breakneck pace of the fast fashion trend cycle.

Which is why a renewed appreciation for craftsmanship is so necessary right now. And, with COVID-19 teaching us to want less, but value well-made quality clothing more, we are hopeful that traditional crafts can continue to thrive again.

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