Cambodian Garment Workers Lose Limbs In Horrific Accident

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 1 year ago | News

Image: one of the open trucks commonly used to transport garment workers in Cambodia. Image source.

It is certainly not news that thousands of garment workers are facing horrific conditions around the world. But last week things reached a whole new low in Cambodia, where five female garment workers lost limbs in a horrific truck accident. The overloaded truck they were riding in had 41 workers packed into the back when another truck tried to pass and the two vehicles violently collided.

Provincial governor Vie Samnang told Radio Free Asias’s Khmer Service that the workers who lost their arms had been holding onto the side of the truck to brace themselves. In addition to the five women who lost limbs, RFA reports that one other worker also suffered a broken hand and two more sustained other injuries.

Those injured were all employed by the Golden Aperia and Horizon factory and, according to the Cambodian Alliance of Trade Unions president, Sar Mora, this kind of accident is far from uncommon. In October 2017, for example, a Chinese garment worker was reportedly killed and 37 others injured after two trucks crashed in Takeo province. Meanwhile 16 garment workers were killed and 22 injured on their morning commute in 2015, when a bus hit their van in Svey Rieng province.

“We are working to ask the government to consider this case as a priority,” Sar Mora said. Both truck drivers have reportedly been arrested and the workers are having their injuries treated. But it is imperative that we stop these tragedies from occurring in the first place. The trucks that many of the factories use to transport workers are unsafe, Mora says, so the government and the factories need to work together to resolve this issue and ensure there are stricter rules around seats, seatbelts and passenger capacity on-board these vehicles.

Via Radio Free Asia 

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