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Build A Capsule Wardrobe For Effortless Transseasonal Dressing

by: Rosie Dalton | 1 year ago | Features

Image: Amber wears the Building Block Dancer Dress.

A capsule wardrobe is essentially a personal uniform, which consists of essential items that are timeless, rather than trend-driven. Imagine a fast fashion closet – bursting with garments that have never been worn and don’t really fit, flatter or function as part of a cohesive whole. Now imagine the very antithesis to this and you have got the capsule wardrobe. It is a seasonal (but still timeless) and, most importantly, it saves time.

Which is why the capsule wardrobe is the perfect remedy to help you tackle transseasonal dressing. This is, after all, that awkward time of year when the weather won't make up its mind and we seem to be subject to several seasons within any given day. Fortunately, a basic tenet of the capsule wardrobe is versatility – meaning each and every piece in your transseasonal capsule wardrobe can be built upon through layering, to help you tackle inclement weather. These five easy pieces are my personal must-haves for a transseasonal capsule wardrobe.

1) A wear-everywhere dress

Image: Amber wears the Building Block Breton Dress in Bottle Green.

A comfortable, breathable wear-everywhere dress is the perfect addition to any capsule wardrobe, no matter what the season. But in this awkward in-between-season stage, I find it particularly useful, because it can be layered over tights, under jackets, or just worn on its own, depending on the weather. This is the ultimate wardrobe multitasker.

2) The perfect layering tee

Image: Amber wears the Omo Tee in Ritz Rose

Transseasonal dressing is often a juggling act between dressing for both hot and cold weather – sometimes within the same day. So great layering basics are essential for this time of year. Enter the perfect tee. Personally I like something that's simple and breathable, but with interesting detailing through use of texture, silhouette or colour. I find this helps break up the simplicity of my everyday uniform. 

3) The failsafe blue jean

Image: Amber wears the Stage Pant in Classic Denim.

Nothing beats a great pair of blue jeans for transseasonal dressing, which is why they are always a central feature in my personal capsule wardrobe. I like a straight leg and a little bit of stretch in mine, but either way, these old faithfuls will pair well with almost anthing else in your wardrobe. And work perfectly with a tee for warmer days or with knitwear for those chilly nights.

4) The sustainable sneaker

Image: Amber wears the V10 in Extra White Nautico Pekin.

Once you find the perfect sneaker, you will never go back. Which is how I felt when I first tried on a pair of Vejas – aka everyone's favourite sneaker. These sustainable shoes are not only made in a transparent supply chain, but they are super comfortable and pair well with everything – from jeans to dresses. So they are my go-to for easy transseasonal dressing.

5) The vegan handbag

Image: Amber wears the Alligator Reader Satchel in Cherry Red.

I personally tend to favour a neutral palette when it comes to my capsule wardrobe, which is why I love a pop of colour in the accessories department. Fortunately, Sans Beast makes beuatiful vegan handbags that deliver just that. The brand's beautiful pouches, totes and crossbody bags come in an array of beautiful hues and, what's more, they are made without any animal harm. 

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