What You Need To Know About This Week’s Climate Protest

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Image: signs at the March 2019 climate protest in Brisbane. Image source.

Young people continue to prove themselves among the most responsible of global citizens. And, led by the likes of 16-year-old Greta Thunberg, school students are now preparing to skip school again this Friday 20th September, to demand that governments do something about the climate crisis.

According to The Guardian, thousands of students across Australia are preparing to walk out of classrooms as part of the climate protest this week, which falls three days before the United Nations climate summit in New York. These strikes are planned in 120 countries across the world, including almost 100 locations across Australia. And they are expected to be even bigger than this year’s March protests, in which 150,000 Australians and 1.5 million people marched worldwide. 

This time around, there is expected to be even more presence from unions, workers and companies engaged in climate action. And in addition to this, many adults are expected to take the day off work, as the protest – which grew out of the School Strike 4 Climate – opens up to the wider community.

“[Our kids’] learning was really focused around numbers and letters and that sort of stuff and I was just thinking, what's the point in just focusing on that if we're not also going to give them a future,” says Miram Hart, a mum who believes in teaching her daughters the power of activism.

“I was looking at the other parents and they worry a lot about their children, and they want what's best for their children, and they work so hard paying off mortgages and tutoring the kids but there was this big thing looming over all of us,” Hart says.  

Meanwhile, Evan Meneses, a 17-year-old organiser for the Adelaide strike, adds: “This massive day of action is going to be fundamental towards advocating for more efficient action on climate change.” From eight-year-olds to teenagers and even their parents, then, it seems that climate action has become a top priority for Australian citizens. Now, if only the government would stand up and listen.



If you’d like to take part in the climate protest, you can find the full list of strike locations here.


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