Could The UK Be First To Ban Fur Altogether?

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 8 months ago | News

Image: Cara Delevingne’s rainbow-coloured fur coat at Burberry AW18. Image source

Last year we reported that cat fur was being sold as ‘faux fur’ in some British fast fashion stores. And, as a result of these sorts of misleading tactics, a cross-party group of MPs is now calling for an all-out ban on fur in the UK. According to The Guardian, “a report from the environment select committee calls for the government to launch a public consultation on banning all types of animal fur in clothing and upholstery.”

This comes after Humane Society International (HSI) investigations found that some high street brands had been mislabelling fox, mink and rabbit fur garments as faux. Which is, in part, because a supply glut from China has made real fur cheaper than fake. And now public outcry has prompted an inquiry into fashion industry practices in the UK.

The subsequent report by the environment, food and rural affairs select committee underscores both slack trading standards and retailer enforcement. The committee chairman, Neil Parish said “it’s time to have a public consultation as to whether or not we should totally ban fur.”

This would make sense, considering the UK was the first country to ban fur farming, back in the year 2000. And, according to HSI UK executive director Claire Bass, “the UK government [now] has the opportunity to blaze a trail as the first country to ban the sale of all animal fur,” as well. “So we are delighted that EFRA committee members are pressing government to launch a public consultation to help inform and build that case.”

If real fur is being palmed off to unknowing consumers as ‘fake,’ then it makes sense to go that extra step further and ban it altogether. To not only ensure that fur isn’t being farmed onshore, but to also stop it from being imported as well. And if the UK were to proceed with an all-out ban, then this would likely have a ripple effect in other countries too. So, given there are now so many alternatives to using animal hides for clothing, this ban seems like a no-brainer to us.

Via The Guardian


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