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DIY: Make Your Own Plant-Dyed Eye Pillow

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 2 weeks ago | Features

Self-care is pretty high on our priorities list this year, with everything that has been going on around the globe. But, in lieu of going to an expensive day spa, we are taking to crafts instead – and making our very own DIY plant-dyed eye pillow, inspired by Into the Gloss.

This relaxing pillow is perfect for de-puffing the eye area, but is doubly beneficial, because it carries all the rewards of making something yourself. Here’s how.


Natural fabric like cotton
Fresh flowers
Distilled white vinegar
Stainless steel pot
Steamer basket
Needle and thread
150g flaxseeds*
50g lavender seeds*

*You can usually find these at bulk whole food stores

1. Place your steamer basket inside your pot, filled with water. Bring to the boil.
2. Spread out your fabric and scatter flowers over it – this will create your pattern. Then roll your fabric evenly from one end, securing with string.
3. Dip your fabric roll into a bowl of distilled vinegar, which will allow your colour to set.
4. Now place your bundle in the steamer basket for at least one hour.
5. Remove bundle with tongs and rinse under cold water. Shake off the flowers, rinse again and allow to dry overnight.
6. Fold your fabric in half with the pattern facing in and sew up three of the four sides. Then turn your pillow right side out.
7. Now mix your seeds and fill the pillow with your seed mixture.
8. Turn the edges of the open side in on themselves, then sew across and your eye pillow is ready to use.

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