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Don’t Throw Out Your Old T-Shirts, Turn Them Into Plant Hangers

by: Courtney Sanders | 6 months ago | News

Image: hanging plant game: strong. Image source.

I am not a D.I.Y. person. The faintest whiff of coloured card, glue, and glitter sends me running for the hills – glitter is the S.T.D. of the craft world after all. But I am a plant person, and if minimal D.I.Y-ing is required to show off my plants (I mean keep my plants happy and healthy), in the way they deserve, then I will do it. Which is to say, this piece of D.I.Y-ing requires minimum input for maximum results, which is awesome, and how more things in life should be.

The scenario is this: you have a t-shirt you can't wear anymore: perhaps it's threadbare; perhaps it’s a Blink 182 merch shirt from high school (or university, or last time they toured); perhaps it’s grey marle and has gross stains under the arms. The reason you’re not wearing it any more is inconsequential to the fact that you’re just not wearing it anymore. But, you don’t want to throw it out, because waste is one of the biggest problems in fashion, and you don’t want to add this t-shirt to the 30kg worth of clothing we all, on average, throw away every year.

Which is totally fine, because, if you’ve got a pair of scissors handy you can turn it into an awesome hanging basket like this!

Image source.

The steps: 

1. Cut off the top of the t-shirt from directly under the arm holes.

2. Cut down one side seam so you have one piece of fabric. Open this fabric out.
3. Fold this piece of fabric in half, from the top down (so it’s long and skinny) and cut it in half.
4. Lay these two pieces on top of each other and repeat this step until you have eight strips of fabric.
5. Line up the bottom edges of your strips and tie them in one big knot.
6. Working from one side to the other, take two pieces, knot them together about 5cm above the original knot, until you have four knots.
7. Take one strand from one knotted pair, and knot it to a strand from the next knotted pair, about 5cm above the previous knot, until you have four more knots.
8. Tie the strands together at the other end.
9. You’re done!

The blog Walk In Love kindly took step by step photos of the process, so you can check yourself, too.

Via Walk In Love.

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