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Dr. Martens Opens Up About Vegan Materials And The Brand's Evolving DNA

by: Rosie Dalton | 2 years ago | Features

Image: Dr. Martens Vegan photographed for Well Made Clothes.

Dr. Martens has been around since the 1940s and has since become synonymous with various countercultural movements such as punk, grunge and – most recently – the vegan fashion revolution. Grounded in high quality craftsmanship and inherent durability since their very earliest iterations, these boots and sandals now come in vegan-friendly materials, as part of the brand’s commitment to evolving with their customers through the decades.

Applying its impressive lineage to animal-friendly footwear represents an exciting new chapter for Dr. Martens. With a brand new drop of Dr. Martens’ Vegan footwear styles just landed on Well Made Clothes, we caught up with the brand’s London headquarters about using cruelty free materials and evolving the brand's iconic DNA. 

Rosie Dalton: Why did you first decide to launch Dr. Martens Vegan?
Dr. Martens: Dr. Martens understands that a vegan lifestyle is a conscious choice not to be compromised. Therefore, the Vegan range maintains the brand’s renowned reputation for comfort, style and durability. Our collection replicates the signature footwear down to the very last detail, with the original air-cushioned sole, the famous yellow welt stitching and our iconic heel loop.

Rosie: And how do you feel that this complements the overall history and culture of the brand?
DM: DM’s create a broad range of styles every season to meet consumer demand. The design team’s mantra is to anchor all new concepts with DM’s DNA so it’s instantly recognisable as belonging to the brand. The current challenge is keeping pace with changes in footwear trends and consumer demands while maintaining the quality and durability attributes and iconic silhouettes that make our product trusted and beloved items. Our Vegan range is a great illustration of this, as it was created in response to the consumer demand for [footwear that reflects] a vegan lifestyle. The range of shoes and boots retains the iconic DNA and identity of DM’s, with a continued use of high quality of materials and constructed techniques that provide products with the same benefits and features of our iconic styles.

Rosie: Can you tell us a little bit more about the vegan materials that you use?
DM: We use a synthetic material called ‘Cambridge Brush,’ which is made to have the same finish and feel of our original styles. Our Vegan-friendly shoes and boots for the SS18 season are just as tough as Dr. Martens Originals. They look good, feel great, and are made using absolutely no animal products. So you can rock Doc’s, whatever you stand for.

Rosie: Is this an area in which you plan to keep innovating and developing for the future?
: Consumers are constantly evolving, and their attitudes to product are dynamic so we need to remain constantly abreast of this, to ensure the longevity of the brand and its connection to them, the product choices and wearing occasions. We take our considerable knowledge of footwear construction and apply this to delivering product that is right for our customers' various lifestyle choices. We will always pride ourselves on the foundations that have built this brand into what it is today, but we are also excited about exploring a new facet of the brand through product innovation and evolution.

You can view our full range Dr. Martens Vegan footwear over here.

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