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How The Ethical Clothing Australia Accreditation Is Improving Conditions For Australia’s Garment Workers

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 2 weeks ago | Features

Image: Denimsmith’s Vinh Le.


Garment workers are often the most vulnerable people throughout global fashion supply chains. Largely out of sight for consumers (and in many cases brands), these individuals can face everything from unsafe working conditions, to forced overtime, and even verbal or sexual abuse.

This issue isn’t just limited to nations like Bangladesh or Cambodia either, it is often happening right on our doorstep. Even here in Australia, many garment workers – and, in particular, outworkers – face some of the same horrific conditions. Fortunately, organisations like Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA) are helping to improve conditions for Australia’s garment workers, through their well-respected and rigorously-audited accreditation system.

As an accreditation body, ECA works collaboratively with local textile, clothing and footwear companies, to ensure that their Australian supply chains are transparent and legally compliant. By mapping local supply chains, ECA is able to ensure that all workers throughout the cut, make, trim and value adding stage are accounted for and protected – including those who work from informal ‘outworker’ settings such as garages or homes.

ECA protects those that are most vulnerable, basically – the makers, a predominantly female workforce – while also offering practical tools and resources for brands to improve and maintain their supply chains.

This sort of accreditation is so important because, unfortunately, human rights violations remain rife throughout the fashion industry – especially in the wake of COVID-19. Which means that organisations like ECA have become critical in helping us make more informed decisions as consumers. 

It is why we are so proud to have ECA-accredited brands like Denimsmith on WMC. “It was important to us when starting the brand that it carried the [ECA] accreditation, as we have been on the manufacturing side of the industry for a long time – more than 20 years now,” explains Vinh Le of Denimsmith. “We know it is important that our machinists are well looked after, treated fairly and have safe working conditions.”



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