Elizabeth McPherson Shares Her Secrets To Successful And Sustainable Op Shopping

by: Rosie Dalton | 1 month ago | Features


Elizabeth McPherson works in fashion and also happens to have one of the best vintage collections we have ever seen. Not just in terms of her wardrobe, either. By shopping secondhand wherever possible, Liz finds that she can minimise her waste and also breathe new life into pre-loved pieces – both in her wardrobe and in her home. So we asked her to share some of her secrets to successful (and sustainable) op shopping. And she obliged!


Rosie Dalton: When did your obsession with vintage first start and why do you love this approach?
Elizabeth McPherson: We had a big dress up box growing up as kids. I suppose the love of vintage came from that and my mum’s endless supply of jewellery that had been passed on from generations.

Can you tell us about some of your favourite vintage pieces that you own?

1) This black dress with the beading. I bought it from a little vintage shop at Lang’s beach in NZ. The lady I bought it from had actually made and hand-beaded it herself. I love that each vintage piece has so much more meaning than just as an item of clothing

2) Lace shirt with button back – a very special piece, handed down from my Nana

3) Floral maxi dress that I found when I was 19 at a small garage sale in Gisborne. It had a few small holes, as it’s a piece from the 1970s

Where do you source most of your vintage now?
I suppose I source a lot of my pieces from different places that I travel. There is a beautiful antique store in Katoomba, which is a go-to when I am out that way. The Chapel op shop in Bondi is my local favourite. But NZ has the best vintage stores!

How can shopping vintage help to reduce environmental impact?
As a lover of fashion, I truly think it is about shopping smarter rather than buying into fast fashion trends. It’s about supporting local brands and buying investment pieces to last a long time, not just the season. I think this also works across both other fields like homewares, where you can shop antiques instead of new.

What are some tips you can share for shopping vintage successfully?

1) Research the op shops in small towns on road trips – they have the best finds

2) I like to walk into a store knowing what I need / want. Otherwise it can become very overwhelming

3) I love to look for old labels from the 80s & 90s. It’s truly crazy how many Topshop and Zara labels you can find ‘vintage shopping’ now

4) Shop smarter and only buy what you need. 


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