Emma Watson Wears This Ethical Footwear Label

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 11 months ago | News

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By now Emma Watson is pretty well known for her ethical fashion chops: she arguably kicked it all off when she undertook the Green Carpet Challenge for the 2016 Met Gala, wearing a bespoke Calvin Klein outfit made from recycled materials, and she's continued to promote responsible fashion designers ever since through various initiatives, including @the_press_tour, for which she documented the responsible fashion designers she wore for the press tour of The Beauty & the Beast. 

Which is to say we're pretty obsessed with Emma Watson, and, more importantly, her wardrobe, so we were stoked to find out that The Coveteur recently got a sneak peek inside. Better still? We discovered she's a fan of and wears Veja sneakers, one of our wonderful well-made labels, and one which is dedicated to reducing its impact wherever possible: the label uses organic cotton, wild rubber (sourced from the Amazonian Rainforest which helps in the fight against deforestation) and lower impact leather, which uses less chemicals and water in the treatment process, reducing its environmental impact compared with conventional leather. 

Check out the pics from inside Emma Watson's incredible wardrobe below, and check out our selection of Veja sneakers here or below.

Via The Coveteur.

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