Sydney: Join Us At Our Panel Discussion, 'Fighting Fast Fashion'

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 2 years ago | News

Image: from our winter 2019 Kowtow campaign. Kowtow is fairly made from certified organic cotton.

Our panel discussion:
Fighting Fast Fashion: human rights, sustainability, and how they interact in fashion
When: 30 April 2019
Where: The Marrickville Hotel, Marrickville, Sydney
Tickets, This is an R18 event ~ This is a free event ~ RSVP is essential – reserve your spot here.

Join us in conversation with fashion industry experts Melinda Tually (Fashion RevolutionNdless;The New Normal), Suzana Tas (Nudie Jeans) and Holly Ryan (Holly Ryan), at the end of Fashion Revolution Week, as we discuss the key labour issues and the key environmental issues in the fashion industry. It's a chance to learn from the experts, hang out with other people who are interested in this stuff, all in the surrounds of the lovely new Marrickville Hotel.

By now we all know there are major human rights and environmental concerns in the industry. Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world, and is responsible for countless human rights violations. Join us, and our panel of experts, as we unpack the human rights and environmental issues, how these issues are intrinsically linked, and how different organisations - from activist organisations, to global brands, to local makers - are tackling them, to help create a more sustainable fashion industry.

The conversation will be in the form of a panel, will be moderated by Well Made Clothes, and will feature these legends:
Melinda Tually, Co-ordinator, Fashion Revolution Australia New Zealand and Director Ndless;The New Normal
Suzana Tas, Wholesale Manager Australasia, Nudie Jeans
Holly Ryan, Founder and Designer, Holly Ryan Jewellery

Fashion Revolution is an organisation which was founded after the Rana Plaza collapse, which occurred in Bangladesh in 2013, in which over 1,000 garment workers were killed. Fashion Revolution encourages people to ask the labels they love 'who made my clothes' through social media, and the organisation's relentless year round work for a fairer and more sustainable fashion industry culminates every April during Fashion Revolution Week (22nd to 28th April), which memorialises the Rana Plaza collapse, and during which the organisation hosts, and encourages others to host, events to raise awareness about the human rights and environmental issues in the fashion industry.

When it comes to sustainability, Nudie Jeans is one of the fashion industry's world leaders. The label produces all of its jeans fairly, from sustainable organic cotton, and Nudie Jeans also offers lifetime repairs on its jeans. All of which we can get behind, and get our behinds into.

Holly Ryan is one of Australasia's most renowned jewellery designers, and for good reason. Holly's inimitable, abstract designs are influenced by her art, architectural and cultural influences, but are also underpinned by ethical processes: themes of re-use and recycling, of wabi sabi, and of legacy run through her collections, demonstrating the intrinsic link between sustainability and artistic practice. All of Holly's pieces are also made by her small team of jewellers in Queensland, Australia, and many of her pieces are made from recycled materials, too.

We can't wait to meet you IRL!

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