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The Fancy, Comfy And Sustainable Longsleeve Tee We’re Wearing Every Day

by: Rosie Dalton | 3 months ago | Features

Image: the Rio Grande Longsleeve Tee in Plaza Yellow.


It is actually cold now, so we are keeping cosy and comfy in knitwear and longsleeve tees. But we also want our winter wares to feel a little fancy – which is why we are super excited that new Base Range has just landed at Well Made Clothes!

Sustainably made, these fancy longsleeve tees by Base Range – like the Pama, Sykes, and Vein styles – are perfect for layering. Made from organic cotton and featuring fancy details like babylock seams, the new Base Range tees look good and are good too.

Image: the Vein Longsleeve Tee in Off White.

In warm, earthy colours, these styles also carry hidden meaning within their stitches. Take the Rio Grande Longseleeve Tee, for example. This style is part of Base Range's border series, which sheds light on the political nature of borders.

As the brand explains: this tee features a "brown overlock seam detail of [the] Rio Grande border between Mexico and [the] United States, which poses a dilemma to the construction of Trump’s wall."

With fancy detailing, hidden meaning, and a composition that is both comfortable and sustainable, the Base Range longsleeve tees are the styles we’re wearing every day right now.  

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