Fast Fashion Accused of Ripping Off Yet Another Meaningful Design

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 1 year ago | News

Image: Forever21 has been accused of stealing a design from WORD. Image source.

Forever 21 is constantly called out for ripping off independent designers (and once: even Rihanna) in order to make cheap imitations that they can sell quickly. The major fast fashion brand has been caught out again by Los-Angeles based company WORD who have posted the striking similarities between a t-shirt they created to benefit Planned Parenthood, and a t-shirt Forever 21 created to benefit themselves.

According to Nylon, a customer tipped off WORD co-founders Angela Carrasco and Zoila Darton who posted the side-by-side pic to figure out what, and how, this happened. “Maybe they want to capitalize off of feminism,” Darton said. “But feminism is not new to me, it’s something that I really believe, so to see it being co-opted this way is shocking.” Adding, “We created this shirt as a way to unite women…Whoever went and lifted this didn’t do any research, or maybe they did and they just don’t care.”

The business owners are considering taking legal action against Forever 21, and the company has since responded to the situation with the following statement:

“The shirt in question was bought from a third party source. As soon as Forever 21 was alerted to the issue, we respectfully removed it from our website. Because this product did not have trademark or IP protections, there were no red flags raised at the time of purchase.”


This post was originally published via our sister site, Catalogue.


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