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Four Blankets That Double As Shawls For When You Absolutely Have To Leave The House

by: Lucy Jones | 2 years ago | The Edit

This could be you. Image Source.

Winter is here. You’ve stocked up on essentials, covered your couch in blankets, and told all your friends that you don’t want to go out, ever. You’re just not in the mood, and you have to wash your hair! But, even after all this preparation, you might absolutely have to leave the house on some occasions. ERGH! Maybe you’ve run out of ice cream, maybe your dog really wants to go for a walk, maybe your internet connection conked out. Whatever the reason, leaving the house in the dead of winter isn’t that bad if you do it in the right outfit. So what is this miraculous outfit? Well, it’s a blanket that is also a scarf otherwise known as a ‘blanket-scarf’.

This look is incredibly easy to achieve, just roll off the couch without taking your blanket off and you’re good to go. For maximum comfort and warmth, wrap the blanket around your shoulders like a shawl. You can get even more technical by belting the blanket in at the waist, but I prefer to keep things flowy and free. If you have any reservations about wearing a shawl, you shouldn’t. These garments are well-loved by quirky kindergarten teachers, bridesmaids, and women in their fifties with salt and pepper hair and collections of decorative wooden horses. All shawl-wearers have something in common: they are bloody fabulous, darl! And you can be bloody fabulous too, just purchase one of the blankets below and start wearing it everywhere. It’s that simple! 

1) The classic cream blanket-scarf:

The Whipstitch Blanket in Original. Take a closer look here.

This luxurious and durable blanket is made from 70% recycled merino wool. Its whipstitch finish makes it practical for outdoor use so it’s the perfect blanket to wear to the park, the café and everywhere in-between. 

2) The groovy green fringe blanket-scarf:

The Fringe Blanket in Pine. Take a closer look here.

Impress the guy or girl working at your local 7/11 by wearing this fab forest green blanket next time you go for a late night snack run. The blanket is made with offcuts that vary in colour and texture, meaning no one else will be able to steal your very cool look!

3) The beautiful blue blanket-scarf:

The Whipstitch Blanket in Indigo. Take a closer look here.

Match your blanket-scarf to your mood with this deep blue blanket. The incredibly warm blanket is a beautiful shade of indigo blue. It’s also made locally in Tasmania from 70% recycled merino wool and a 30% recycled alpaca, mohair and polyester blend. 

4) The earthy Earth blanket-scarf:

The Fringe Blanket in Earth. Take a closer look here

If there’s one thing that women who wear shawls love more than shawls it’s Earth tones. Channel the wisdom of these genius shawl-wearing women in this rust red number. 

For every 10 blankets sold, Seljak sends one blanket to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre — an organisation that helps asylum seekers feel welcome, safe and supported in Australia. Check out their full range of beautiful blankets here.

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