Four Creative Ways To Incorporate Even More Plants Into Your Space

by: Lucy Jones | 11 months ago | Features

Plant goals via Sly Plants.

Having plants in your house is really good for you. Leafy greens improve the air quality in your space, give you more energy, and can even make you live longer! Also, unlike human beings, they demand very little from you — just some sunlight and the occasional glass of water. That’s why we believe in surrounding ourselves with as many good plants as possible at all times. If you’ve already got a few potted plants in every room of your house (same) but you still need MORE PLANTS (same) then these creative suggestions should work for you.

1) Make a recycled hanging planter

Bring new plants into your space while also doing a good thing for the planet with your own DIY recycled plant hanger. You can make a super simple version out of plastic bottles and string. We’d suggest painting the bottles and using a coloured string to achieve this cute effect:

Image Source.

An old glass jar and some yarn or twine will also work a treat. To get this look, cut some string into eight even lengths and knot them together near one end. Then, divide the strings into pairs and knot them a few centimeters from your first knot. Take the two open ends of string and knot them together to complete the circle. Repeat these steps to create as many rows of knots as you need. Once you’re happy with the size of your hanger, pop your jar in and suspend away!

Image Source

2) Put some plants in your shower

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Plants that love humidity like Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, English Ivy, Peace Lilys and Staghorn ferns will thrive in your shower. Well not literally in your shower, but in your bathroom. You can hang them from the ceiling, pop them on the side of the bathtub, or wind them around the shower rail depending on the layout of your space. If you can’t afford new plants, try popping a cutting from an existing plant in a glass jar or vase and watch as the roots slowly grow to fill the cup over a few months. Or, if you’ve got any eucalyptus trees in your garden, grab a branch and hang it in the shower. The humidity will draw the natural oils out of the leaves while you wash for some instant (and affordable) Zen.  

3) Make your own succulent dish

Image Source.

You can make this project as big or as small as you like.We prefer to use a compact decorative dish but any vessel that’s not too deep will work a treat. To make your succulent bowl all you’ll need is a shallow dish, succulents in a range of sizes, colours and shapes (you can use established plants or cuttings from existing plants), and cactus soil. You can also finish the dish with decorative pebbles if that’s your thing. When picking your plants, try to select succulents that have similar light soil and water needs for the best bowl results. When assembling, create some drainage first by putting a thin layer of gravel at the bottom of the bowl before packing your soil in. Then, plant your cacti and finish with some decorative rocks, and voilà, your succulent bowl is complete!  

4) Buy some pot plant bookends (or just use some pots you already have)

Image Source

This creative solution combines our two favourite things: plants and books. You can create an optical illusion with these split pot plant bookends or just use two small regular pots to prop your books up. This novel idea (sorry, not sorry) will allow you to fill all your shelves with plants and perform the practical function of keeping your books neat and tidy at the same time. Now that’s a win/win situation.

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