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How You Can Get Involved With National Recycling Week

by: Rosie Dalton | 1 year ago | Features

Image: Stella McCartney’s landfill campaign proves we need to recycle right. Image source

This week is National Recycling Week in Australia, so there is no time like the present to polish up your recycling skills and get involved with fighting the war on waste. Certainly, the ABC program by the same name has done much to spread awareness about the importance of recycling today – in an era where disposable fashion and single use plastics reign supreme. But there is still much to be done.

Fashion, for instance, is one of the most wasteful industries on the planet. An estimated 15-20% of the fabric used to create a garment ends up wasted and, in China alone, millions of tons of unused fabric at mills goes to waste each year when dyed the wrong colour. On top of this, each Australian purchases an average 27 kilograms of new clothing per year, according to annual production forecasts from PCI Fibre. Of this, 23 kilograms will then be thrown away.  

It is for this reason that we have made Minimal Waste one of our eight core values at Well Made Clothes, offering shoppers a way to support those brands doing their bit to keep waste to a minimum. But we can all do this on an individual and community level, too, by recycling properly and getting involved with local events. In honour or National Recycling Week, then, we’re rounding up some of the ways you can get involved on an individual or community level.

1) Recycle right
The very first way that you can get involved with National Recycling Week is by making sure that you’re recycling the right way. To find out more about the best approach for different material types, visit the National Recycling Week website. Or take their Recycle Right Quiz to find out where you might have room for improvement.

2) Clean out your wardrobe
Once you know a little more about how to recycle right, this might be a good time to minimise your wardrobe and responsibly recycle any unwanted or unworn garments. You can learn more about how to recycle these garments properly online, but when in doubt, you can always consider making small repairs and tweaks (like to a hemline or a colour, for example), rather than resorting to the trash. 

3) Host a clothing swap
Now that you have stripped back some of your unwanted wardrobe items, why not do as Planet Ark recommends and host a clothing swap? Gather your friends this week and get involved in The Great Aussie Swap. Because you never know when one girl’s trash will be another girl’s treasure.  

4) Attend one of your local events
To celebrate National Recycling Week, Planet Ark is putting on a whole host of events. So why not find out what’s happening near you and show your support by going along? Particularly big on our Recycling Week hit list are the What Is Rubbish’ exhibition in Ballarat and the Fighting Fast Fashion session in the ACT.   

5) Buy it back
Buy It Back Day is happening this Saturday November 17th and it is an opportunity to either buy something secondhand, or buy something made from recycled materials. “Buying secondhand items or products made from recycled materials reduces your impact on the environment,” Planet Ark explains. “It saves the resources and energy that go into making products from virgin materials.” You can learn more, or search for participating Buy It Back Day stores over here.

Happy recycling!

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