Glossier Play In Hot Water Over Non-Biodegradable Glitter

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 1 year ago | News

Image: Glossier Play’s Glitter Gelée. Image source

Cult beauty brand Glossier has been teasing its latest release since February and last week it finally unveiled the much-anticipated Glossier Play – but it was to a cacophony of sighs heard right across the Internet. While some angry customers took to Twitter about the brand not being inclusive enough in their swatching, others were incensed about the inclusion of non-biodegradable glitter.

This comes amidst a global anti-plastic movement, which has seen major events like Mardi Gras go green and ban glitter. So for a brand that is so big on peer reviews and consumer driven content, the glitzy use of non-biodegradable glitter just feels a little out of touch.

Customers were quick to notice the product description for the brand’s Glitter Gelée glitter pot, which advises you to: “Avoid washing off with water to prevent getting glitter into the waterways.” To which one commenter responded: “Y’all couldn’t have at least sourced biodegradable glitter for the Glitter Gelée? That’s a pretty careless/irresponsible move. It’s 2019 ffs.”

In a statement to COOLS, Glossier confirmed that the "the paillette in Glitter Gelee are not biodegradable." So for a traditionally Millennial brand, the non-planet friendly 70s disco glam of Glossier Play signals a sense of losing touch with its audience and what they actually want – which is a focus on both sustainability and inclusivity.

With other brands like Three Mamas and Glitter Project stepping into the eco space with biodegradable and compostable glitter makeup, it seems that Glossier is a little less on the pulse than we have come to expect of this digital-first brand. So hopefully the uproar from its customers will prompt the brand to consider revamping its approach and introducing more planet-friendly options and diverse swatching strategies, quick smart. 

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