Go Plastic Free With This Pre-Consumer Recycled Cotton Tote

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 10 months ago | News

The Duck Bag in Denim.

It is Plastic Free July this month, so we are reducing our single use plastic in both our homes and our wardrobes. According to the organisation, choosing to refuse single-use shopping bags is one of the key ways we can get involved and reduce our environmental footprint. “Reusable shopping bags are a fantastic alternative to single-use plastic bags,” says Plastic Free July, adding that it’s a great idea to choose bags made from sustainable materials. Enter Baggu’s pre-consumer recycled cotton bags.

Pre-consumer recycled cotton represents a major opportunity in the modern fashion industry. It is made from manufacturer waste rather than consumer waste. Which means the scraps, rejects and trimmings that never make it into the customer’s hands are given new life and repurposed into something useful, rather than going to landfill.

According to Baggu founder Emily Sugihara, the brand’s mission is simple: “to make bags that fill many needs, are well-designed, are as affordable as possible and are produced in a way that’s mindful of the environment.” Which is why the label’s cotton bags are recycled from pre-consumer waste

While organic cotton requires a great deal of energy and water to produce (as much as 660 gallons of water, to be exact), pre-consumer recycled cotton requires much less. In addition to this, the pre-consumer approach also attempts to help correct the issue of waste in the production stage – through which up to 20% of new fabric is wasted.

To make Baggu bags, Sugihara says pre-consumer cotton scraps are recycled by a partner mill in China and there's no chemical or liquid of any kind used throughout the process. She explains that “the recycled cotton program came about when my mom designed the Duck bag – she thought it was the "paper bag" equivalent to Baggu’s ‘plastic bag.’ I did a lot of research into the greenest way to use cotton – recycled cotton was definitely it.”

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