Here’s Some Good News: The Government Has A Duty Of Care To Protect Young People From Climate Change, Australian Court Finds

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 3 months ago | News

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The federal court of Australia has found the Australian government has a duty of care to protect young people from climate change.

The decision occurred after a group of teenagers had sought an inunction to prevent the environment minister, Susan Ley, from approving an expansion of the Vickery coalmine in northern New South Wales, proposed by Whitehaven coal.

Justice Modecai Bromberg found Ley had a duty of care to prevent harm to young people. He did not grant the injunction as he was not satisfied Ley would be breaching her duty of care.

One of the young people, Ava Prince, said: “I am thrilled because this is a landmark decision...My future and the future of all young people depends on Australia stepping away from fossil fuel projects and joining the world in taking decisive climate action.

This is a huge moment for climate change activism in Australia, and demonstrates that collective action by citizens can help to effect positive change.

Information via the Guardian. Read the full story at the Guardian


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