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Greenpeace Wants Supermarkets To Stop Wrapping Fresh Produce In Plastic

by: Lucy Jones | 1 year ago | News

So triggered by this. Image source.

Coles and Woolworths may have phased out single-use plastic shopping bags, but their fruit and vegetable isles are still full of plastic packaging. Cucumbers come cased in plastic, tomatoes sit on plastic trays and corn is covered in cling wrap. This packaging can make life very difficult for those of us who are trying to avoid plastic entirely. Our pals over at Greenpeace Australia are campaigning to end this frustrating and totally unnecessary practice. The environmental organisation has launched a petition that calls for supermarkets to stop wrapping fresh produce in plastic.

“Australians love the ocean and all that lives in it, which is why a walk down the fresh produce aisle at your local supermarket can be so frustrating. Plastic-wrapped bananas. A plastic tube of apples. A handful of mushrooms on a plastic tray, swathed in plastic wrapping,” Greenpeace writes on the petition webpage.

“Woolworths and Coles have both announced that they’d like to reduce waste, but we're keeping the pressure on until we see a solid commitment to ending unnecessary plastic packaging on fresh produce.”

Greenpeace is pretty serious about this campaign, so much so that they have even made some memes to drive their message home. 

The petition to end plastic packaging on fresh produce already has over 90,000 signatures and you can add yours right here!

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