Greta Thunberg And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Discuss Climate Change

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 4 months ago | News

Image: Greta Thunberg and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Image source.

Greta Thunberg and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may be from opposite sides of the Atlantic, but both young women are at the forefront of the global conversation on climate change. Which is why The Guardian recently published a conversation between the two women. Throughout this interview, the Swedish schoolgirl and America’s youngest-ever congresswoman discuss the importance of activism and taking urgent action when it comes to the environment. 

Thunberg and Ocasio-Cortez discuss climate denialism and the critical role of youth in driving positive change. “The school-striking children, when I see them – that is very hopeful,” Thunberg says. “And also the fact that people are very unaware of the climate crisis. I mean, people aren’t continuing like this and not doing anything because they are evil, or because they don’t want to. I think that is very hopeful, because once we know, once we realise, then we change, then we act.”

Ocasio-Cortez agrees that “people don’t know when those small actions can manifest into something. “I think sometimes we’re so obsessed with measurement. What does me standing outside of parliament with a sign do? It doesn’t lower any carbon emissions immediately. It doesn’t change any laws directly. But what it does is make powerful people feel something, and people underestimate the power of that.”

These are obviously very complex issues – which the congresswoman acknowledges when she says: “Leadership is a responsibility. Leadership is not fun.” But when asked what her best piece of advice is for enacting positive change, Thunberg says simply: “Act. Do something. Because that is the best medicine against sadness and depression.” And we couldn’t agree more.

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