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Grow These Plants That Also Double As Skincare

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 1 month ago | Features

Image: fields of lavender in the south of France. Image source


There are many benefits to keeping plants in your home. First of all, they look great – and are great for your health too. They can reduce your shopping list, by providing essential dinner ingredients. And some plant varieties can even double as skincare.

So below we’re rounding up our favourite plants that also double as skincare – and what to do with those plants, in order to incorporate them into your daily routine.


1) Lavender 

Lavender is a very calming flower, so not only will it add a pop of colour to your apartment, but you can also use it to make essential oils that help to ease stress and calm redness. First harvest and dry a generous bunch of lavender, then infuse it by topping your lavender with a neutral oil like sweet almond. Shake well and leave overnight, then strain into a dropper bottle. This can be added to your bath or turned into a calming face mist by adding a few drops to distilled water in a spray bottle.


2) Rosemary

As a herb, we love adding rosemary to all of our potato dishes. But it is also great for treating a dry scalp. Just infuse your dried rosemary in olive oil overnight and then apply the oil to your hair and scalp like a conditioning mask. Leave for about 20 minutes and then rinse out thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner.  


3) Aloe Vera

It may look spiky, but aloe vera is actually incredibly soothing as a salve for nasty cuts or burns. The sap inside the leaves is rich and juicy, so when applied to the skin it is very cooling. This plant has traditionally been used to soothe sunburn as well, so simply slather it on like a moisturiser or add it to distilled water if you want to create a gentle cooling spray.


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