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Gucci’s Fur Ban Proves Millennials Are Having an Impact on the Fashion Industry

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 2 years ago | News

Image: Gucci ad starring Dakota Johnson, Hari Nef and Petra Collins. Image source.

Gucci is banning fur because it doesn’t appeal to ethical Millennial shoppers. Go us! The luxury label will stop producing fur products as of spring-summer 2018 and has joined the Fur Free Alliance — an international coalition of animal protection organisations.

Gucci’s chief executive and president Marco Bizzarri told Business of Fashion that the company is banning fur because it’s not modern. “Fashion has always been about trends and emotions and anticipating the wishes and desires of consumers,” he said. The best creative directors “are able to anticipate, to smell something outside before anybody else. Fashion and modernity go together.” Basically, Gucci is cashing in on the values of Millennials who currently account for over 50% of its customers (this number has increased by 40% in the last two years, according to recent analysis).

The political statements don’t stop there either, Gucci is also donating €1 million to Unicef’s Girls Empowerment Initiative and has committed to making gender diversity a company priority. According to BoF, over 60% of Gucci’s employees are women and more than half of the company’s senior positions are occupied by women.

“What we realised is, when you have diversity in a business context you create value. If you have women and people from different cultures and gender diversity, it’s creating value and fostering creativity,” Bizzarri said. “There is a business impact as well. It is proven.”

It’s really great to see that the ethical decisions Millennials make are actually changing the fashion industry for the better. Next target: the whole world.

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