HM Hijacks Personal Politics To Sell Fast Fashion

by: Lucy Jones | 2 years ago | News

A hat from H&M’s new ‘Love For All’ collection. Image Source.  

It is frustrating to see a major company benefit from the cause of a marginalised group, especially when they are directly responsible for the subjugation of other marginalised groups. H&M has hijacked the personal politics of the LGBTQI community for their new ‘Love For All’ collection. Words like ‘Equality’, ‘Pride’ and ‘United’ are emblazoned on the brand’s new range of rainbow-coloured t-shirts, shorts and hats.

“H&M believes in everybody’s right to love who they want,” H&M’s head of design menswear design, Andreas Löwenstam, said in a statement. “We hope people can use H&M’s Love For All collection to celebrate Pride and their belief in equal love.” 

We totally endorse this message, but it is a very hypocritical one for H&M to be sending. The majority of the fast fashion retailer’s clothes are made in Bangladesh, where homosexuality is still illegal. Working conditions at Bangladeshi factories are also notoriously unsafe and unfair. H&M has committed to improving these working conditions, but so far there isn’t much evidence to suggest that they’ve followed through on this promise. In the past year, the company has faced child labour and unsafe worker accusations. They have also been accused of lying about improving working conditions at their Bangladeshi factories

H&M’s ‘Love For All’ campaign isn’t just hypocritical, it’s also tokenistic. The company is donating 10% of the proceeds from the collection to the UN’s Campaign against transphobia and homophobia. That is a tiny percentage of the total profits H&M will make from the range, and an even tinier percentage of their total annual profits. This collection makes it pretty obvious to us that H&M want to look like they support equality without having to do the hard work of trying to achieve equality.  

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