Hello Cups Are Better For The Planet, Says Co-Founder Robyn McLean

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June 5th is World Environment Day, which is why we’re focussing on ways to reduce waste – and menstrual waste is a huge issue facing the planet. This is why we’re so pleased to stock a reusable option for our periods. Enter Hello Cup – a New Zealand company making reusable cups crafted from German medical grade thermoplastic elastomer. Fully recyclable and hypoallergenic, Hello Cups’ co-founder Robyn McLean shares why we should all make the switch.

Rosie Dalton: You founded Hello Cup with your best friend Mary in late 2017. Can you tell us about your respective backgrounds?
Robyn McLean
: Mary is a registered nurse who specialises in palliative care and I started my career as a journalist working for years for newspapers in New Zealand both as a news and feature writer.

Rosie: Why are Hello Cups better for women’s health?
: They are made from medical grade TPE, which is hypoallergenic and recyclable. Many other cups on the market are made from silicone and we found some women are sensitive to silicone. Hello Cups hold up to 3 times more than tampons and the colours we use are food grade and comply with EU and FDA standards. They contain no rubber, PBAs or heavy metals. Unlike tampons, they won’t leave fibres behind inside you.

Rosie: Why are they also better for the planet?
: Tampons and pads can take up to 500 years to break down in landfill. Many people assume that because they are ‘paper like’ they will biodegrade easily and that’s not the case because they often contain plastics. Even organic tampons take several years to break down. Given that half the world’s population has a period every month, menstrual waste is a massive issue. A single Hello Cup will last at least 5 years and is reusable, then recyclable at the end of its life – it’s a zero waste period option.

Rosie: Why do you believe it’s important to steer clear of single use products?
: Single use products were born at a time when ‘easy was good’. We need to realign our thinking – single use products might be easy but they are a lazy and selfish option when it comes to the planet. We want the planet to be the best it can be for future generations, so unless we take stock of the fact those single use products end up somewhere rather than disappearing, our planet will be covered in rubbish.

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