Here's How To Do Pyjamas As Daywear And Live Your Most Comfortable Life

by: Rosie Dalton | 4 years ago | Features

Pyjamas can be classy lady day wear. Just ask Kate Moss. Image source.

When you find a great pair of pyjamas, you never really want to take them off. Especially as the weather starts to cool down and the morning roll out of bed becomes increasingly difficult. Fortunately, though, the wide range of stylish separates now on the market means you don't have to part ways with your PJs of a morning. Instead, you can employ a little clever styling to make these relaxed pieces double as daywear. Because who said that your sleepwear has to stay hidden?

Buying yourself a pair of pyjamas is a personal luxury like no other. Worlds apart from the synthetic plaids of the K-Mart aisles, well-made nightwear not only looks good, but makes you feel great too. So when working out how to maximise the life of your new favourite purchase and build these garments into your daily wardrobe, it's best to start with the style. Whether it’s a silky nightgown, or a great top. I find that pyjama sets can be particularly fun here, because you get double the creative license. In other words, you can separate the top out with a pair of skinny trousers and it can totally pass as a beautiful blouse. Or separate the pants out with a fitted top and you’ve transformed into a look that’s appropriate for the office.

Image: ALAS make some of the most beautiful, comfortable pyjamas we have ever seen, in certified organic cotton, in certified fair trade facilities no less, but it’s also their prints that really steal our hearts. Because when your usual uniform is all black, a printed top like this one from the Midnight Drifting set can be the perfect antidote.

Over recent seasons, we’ve seen a real rise in the prevalence of loungewear as a dominant clothing category. And I don’t think this is because our lives are getting any less stressful or more conducive to ‘lounging about’. In fact, it’s just the opposite: our lives are getting more hectic, which means that we’re looking to simplify wherever possible. And our wardrobes can be a great place to start, of course. We have already discussed the benefits of adopting an approach like the 5 Piece French Wardrobe, but making our pyjamas go the distance into daywear is also another way that we can simplify both the number of pieces in our wardrobes and the number of dress changes required throughout the day. Fortunately, lots of designers have totally got our backs on this front, too. Celeste Tesoriero, for example, makes the most beautiful loungewear.  Whether it’s her pinstripe linen sets, or the crisp white version, these relaxed pieces are just as comfortable as they are versatile.

Image: I can just imagine these Loungwear Pinstripe Linen Pyjama Pants with an oversized coat and a pair of penny loafers. Or the top paired back with your favourite flared denim.  

Silk pyjamas are a whole other ballgame, too. While linen is hands down one of the most amazing fabrics for sleeping in — this natural fibre keeps your cool in the summertime and warm in the winter — there is just something so luxe about slipping into some silk. So when Miss Crabb gives us silk crepe de chine Peace Pants with a sash and a beautiful wide leg, our secret desires to wear pyjamas to the office are all the more difficult to keep secret. This is one of the wonderful things about pyjamas, though: the cuts are somehow just perfect for a wide range of occasions, while also adding interest because of their fabrications or extra relaxed silhouette. When worn with a fitted tank and blazer, beautiful separates like the Peace Pants have the potential to take you from the bar to work and back to bed again. Which is genius, really.

Image: Peace Pants in Candy (which also come in Black, naturally).

When looking for inspiration to incorporate silk sleepwear — or really any kind of sleepwear — into my daily wardrobe, I usually turn to Tom Ford’s fall-winter 1995 collection for Gucci. Each look was crafted in super luxurious fabrications and ultra comfortable cuts, but there was also a definite sense of sex appeal about this clothing. And if wearing pyjamas to work can help us to emanate some of that carelessness, then I’m sold. But if you’re still not quite convinced on the whole pyjamas-as-daywear idea, then I have a sneaking suspicion that Kate Moss in those Gucci velvet trousers and silk, pyjama-style blouse will change your mind. Of course, sometimes this concept of sleepwear-as-daywear can actually work in the reverse, too. And not just in terms of your worn-in old band tee suddenly become your nighttime go-to, either. Since I’m all about cost per wear, I try to look for any kind of extra versatility that I can in a garment. Considering slip dresses are one of my all-time favourite things, too, this sometimes traverses into territory along the lines of: could this actual double as my nighttime attire if I had to spontaneously duck away to the country with a lover? If the answer is yes — and with Miss Crabb, I feel the answer is very rarely no — then it’s a deal done as far as I’m concerned.  

Image: Helena Slip in Black (which also comes in va-va-voom Red).

The other thing great about nightwear as daywear is that it’s kind of like your own private secret. And I don’t know about you, but as the temperatures plummet, I need any extra inspiration to help me get dressed of a morning. Pyjama dressing is not only practical as hell (read: the most comfortable way to go to work), but it also presents an interesting creative challenge. If you can work out how best to break up your sets and strike just the right balance, then no one has to know you’re really wearing your pyjamas to work — which is half the fun of it. Suddenly, getting dressed to face the day seems a whole lot less drab.  

We pride ourselves on striking the delicate balance between comfort and style here at Well Made Clothes, so if the above options don't take your fancy, we've created a carousel of pyjama-as-daywear pieces for your lounging pleasure, below.

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