How Organic Cotton Canvas Sneakers Are Made, With Collective Canvas

by: Rosie Dalton | 2 months ago | Features



We like to invest in high quality footwear that is built to last – keeping our cost-per-wear game high and our environmental impact low. Enter Collective Canvas sneakers, which are designed to be timeless using a ‘slow’ process and are made from sustainable materials like organic cotton, in a transparent supply chain. Talk about a light ~footprint~.


Here’s how organic cotton canvas sneakers are made, with NZ-based brand Collective Canvas.




Slow Design


Collective Canvas takes a holistic approach to design, meaning that the brand designs timeless styles with durability in mind. “In developing the brand, I set out three core principles: slow, simple, and transparent,” explains founder Oscar Anselmi. “‘Slow’ encompasses the way our products are designed and where we intend them to sit in the market. The industry is still very focussed around fast trends, cheap, synthetic products, and heavy discounting. To me, slow fashion takes an antithetical approach and concentrates on creating products that eschew trends in favour of timelessness, ethical construction and life cycle consideration.”



Sustainable Materials

At Collective Canvas, every material choice is considered, both on the impact of its creation, and the result of its use over the life of the product. The brand gravitates towards ‘simple’ sustainable materials that are naturally grown – including organic cotton, natural latex rubber, water-based glues, and renewable castor oil for the insoles. “[Our] goal from the outset was to keep the use of synthetic materials to a minimum,” Anselmi says. “The sad reality is that footwear recycling is still in its infancy and almost every pair still eventually ends up in landfill.”



Transparent Supply Chain

“Transparency is at the core of the brand’s identity, both in how we make our sneakers and how we sell them,” Anselmi says. And this important value extends right throughout the brand’s supply chain. During the development process, CC spends months on the ground working closely with its production facility to source sustainable materials and develop relationships with suppliers who share their values and commitment toward responsible production. The brand works with a single factory for all its production, which is based in global shoe capital Dongguan in Southern China and which attracts skilled craftspeople from all over the world. This factory (which the team visits quarterly) is committed to ethical manufacturing and all workers are paid a living wage, provided daily meals, on-site accommodation, and free English classes.



Images via Collective Canvas

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