What Actually Are Eco-Plastics And How Can They Transform Eyewear?

by: Well Made Clothes Staff | 11 months ago | News

Image: sunglasses campaign from Kering brand, Gucci. Image source

Recently Kering Eyewear announced a collaboration with Italian company Bio-on, to develop new plastic materials for the creation of eco-sustainable eyeglasses. Which has prompted us to explore the question: what actually are eco-plastics? In short, these range from materials crafted from recycling traditional plastics, to bioplastics that are actually made from biological material instead of fossil fuels. Either way though, both versions represent a more positive alternative to traditional plastics, which demand high quantities of fossil fuels.

The reason Kering Eyewear’s latest collaboration is so significant, though, is because it is generally very difficult to find sustainable sunglasses or eyewear; given that these products are traditionally crafted from conventional plastic. "For the first time ever, an eyewear corporation has decided to engage in a research project using our proprietary bio-polymers," said Marco Astorri, CEO of Bio-on. In fact, Astorri then went on to describe the collaboration as "the start of a new era in the eyewear world."

According to Fashion Network, this research effort will primarily be focussed on Minerv PHAs, a natural plastic material which is 100% bio-degradable. And specialists from both companies will work together on the research, certification and market launch of new eco-sustainable materials. This latest initiative forms part of Kering’s overall sustainability commitment and will hopefully signify a more positive future for the sustainability of the eyewear market over the coming years.

Via Fashion Network


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